First Ever NFT Expoverse Will Debut In Los Angeles From July 29-31, 2024

Non-fungible Tokens are also known as NFTs. NFT enthusiasts all over the world are making the world a different place. They are about to get their own place to gather together yet again with like minded fans. That’s because there’s a new event designed especially for them. If you are an investor or just an interested onlooker who wants to learn more about NFTs and buying crypto, now is the time to explore the possibilities over the summer.

Los Angeles is the setting for the first ever NFT Expoverse. It is basically set to explore how blockchain technology can change the world if all of its potential is adequately harnessed. Set to take place at the Los Angeles Convention center, it’s a must for many people. Join them from July 29th to July 31st.

What to Expect?


We have already established that there will be a lot to learn in terms of NFTs and blockchains. Business owners, big or small, are involved with the process of revolutionizing the market. Application of new and innovative technology can lead to serving the society in a new and improved way. It will also help in making all of these technologies more mainstream and encouraging more participation.

There are multiple experts you will get to interact with during the course of three days. The entire event will be covered by multiple media outlets so that all NFT and blockchain enthusiasts can grab information from this event no matter where they are in the world. There is no limit to gathering knowledge about crypto. you can look up more details about the market through

There are multiple workshops and educational seminars scheduled for all the attendees. Both professionals and new entrants can explore the world of NFTs and crypto with complete comfort and based on their area of interest. The event is planned to increase future participation.

A Full Three Days

The event features three full days devoted to everything related to the NFT and what it means for people today. There will be many presenters to speak to the public about their passion for this subject. The event is also focused on the fact that the world as we know it is set to implement full scale adaptation of varied forms of blockchain and crypto in the near future.

This mass implementation has consequences that everyone needs to know about and understand in order to make sense of their own corner of the globe right now. One should also look forward to looking at thousands of products that will be showcased at the exhibition. It is meant to be an educational experience along with a great way to step into the world of blockchain technology.

Many Experts and Exhibitionists


Lots of experts will be on hand to answer questions and speak about the world of NFTs to all at the event. Exhibitors will also be there to bring in cutting edge projects that offer the possibility of bringing NFTs and crypto to yet new heights. For example, Tejas Chopra will be there from Netflix. Monica Long is also set to speak about her work at Ripple.

Other speakers will also be here to interact with the public. That includes Ben Lakoff who is here from Charged Particles and John Kraski who is going to speak about his work at NFT Genius. Charli3 is one the exhibitors who are sure to be there showcasing new products and services.

Getting the Word Out

Getting the word out to the world at large is an essential part of the process. Many people who follow the word of NFTs may not know about this upcoming event. That’s why many organizations that work in this field are doing their best to let potential participants know that it exists.

CryptoCurrencyWire specializes in the field of reporting on the world of crypto and other aspects of this field. They are going to let many outlets know it is taking place. That will give people an opportunity to make plans. There are multiple media channels that are already engaged with this event. One can expect complete coverage from NFT News Today and Rush 49.

The best part about engaging news outlets is that there will be anticipation for the event on print media as well as on social media. There are more than 5000 outlets involved for now. The brand networks on board have collectively more than a couple million followers.

Many Other Speeches 


One of the many joys of attending this conference in Los Angeles is the chance to listen to many points of views from informed experts who can help people get to know NFTs better. Cryptocurrency will also be paid attention to and people can choose which speeches to attend. For example, you can listen to the speech about artificial intelligence and its direct impact on how we perceive the metaverse. This is set to be presented to the audience here by Seyhan Lee LLC.

There are educational seminars and keynote addresses both of which appeal to new entries and professionals alike. Participants can for sure check out workshops or a presentation about non fungible tokens and their impact on digital identities of products and services. This is a presentation which is worth looking forward to.

The Takeaway

This expo is perfect for anyone interested in learning new things and stepping on the world of NFTs and crypto. There is no limit to how much one can learn by just taking out three days of their time. If you have some time in July, you should definitely check this event out for some first hand knowledge on blockchain technology.

Learning through workshops and exhibitions would also be a hands-on experience which you cannot quite experience from home. If you cannot go make sure to catch up online through the media coverage on all the different seminars and presentations. This is the perfect opportunity to get immersed into NFTs.

Radulovic Jovica
Radulovic Jovica

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