Understanding The Fine Print With Casino Bonuses – 2024 Guide


The welcome bonuses represent one of the main benefits of choosing to gamble over online platforms. There are many other advantages as well, such as the convenience and the ability to gamble wherever you want instead of going to a land casino. That feature is especially beneficial for countries where gambling is limited, like the United States, where you can gamble only in particular places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Since the introduction of online gambling, companies are trying to attract more people by using various strategies.

Investing in a good team of developers is also very important because people won’t be interested in websites with poor graphics and interface. Many polar companies are developing modern online games, such as Netent, Microgaming, Nextgen, Novomatic, and many more. However, bonuses and rewards are the main reason for people to become so interested in online casinos. You can visit casino-bonus.me.uk to read more about the best deals available in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, we are going to analyze more about the fine print related to casino bonuses.

Learn More About the Rules

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Before you select the online casino after seeing the promotion where it says how you can get a 100% or 200% bonus on your first deposit, you should read more about important terms related to that bonus. For example, there might be some particular rules to use that bonus only under certain circumstances. It is not a rare case that some casinos are limiting the funds that you get through the bonus where you can only play with it on slots, while you cannot play online poker or sports betting.

You also have to know that you cannot withdraw this bonus, only the money you won while playing with it. The maximum amount that you can get after placing your first deposit is also limited. For instance, the casino can limit the maximum to be $1,000, which will prevent people from placing too much money only to play with free funds. There are also other factors that you should consider, like eligible games, expiration, wagering requirements, and qualifications.

Eligible Games

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As we already mentioned, many casinos choose to add some limits related to available free bets. On the other hand, even if you can use these funds to play other games like poker, blackjack, or sports betting, the wagering will be much lower. In that matter, you should read more about the terms of the chosen website. In most cases, games like poker, scraps, and blackjack will count under 50% of your wagers when you are using the free bet. Moreover, while it was possible in the beginning, most casinos became aware that many people would only place a deposit to clear the bonus and withdraw that money with the remaining funds. In that matter, the option to play odd and even in roulette only to clear the bonus and withdraw the cash is no longer available. We suggest you to avoid even trying that method since your account might get banned.


It is also important to read the terms and rules when playing games in an online casino related to the potential expiration of your bonus reward. Therefore, you should research the charts and find one where you can read more about the welcome bonus’s expiration and use it on time. Besides the welcome bonuses, many companies decided to award active players with other great deals, like promotional periods where you can acquire the same bonus again, or a weekly bonus related to your activity. In most cases, these bonuses have a much shorter expiration time.

Wagering Requirements

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Letting people simply withdraw the welcome bonus would lead online gambling platforms to have huge expenses. Therefore, it is not a surprise that they implemented various rules where you can use the bonus only in certain ways. When it comes to wagering requirements, online pokies have 100% wagers, while other games are limited to under 50%. Also, the lowest playthrough is related to video poker, with under 10%. The main downside of higher requirements is that you will have to spend much more money before you can withdraw the winnings. Therefore, you should choose games and casinos that offer the ability to use the bonus without wagering.


Digital technologies and social media allow companies to have much more efficient promotional strategies. These networks are also using special algorithms that will connect advertisements with people that would most likely be interested in them. Therefore, if you were already reading or posting anything about gambling over your social media accounts, there is a high chance that the promotion of some online casino will pop up in your feed. However, before you rush with your decision to place a deposit, be sure to check if you already have an active account on that platform.
In case you are already registered, you won’t be eligible for a welcome bonus. Besides that, there are limitations to the money that you can place as a deposit. There is a great difference between various casinos in terms of providing people with the chance to place more money or not. For example, you probably won’t be able to get a full bonus if you place over $10,000 where the bonus is 100%.

The Bottom Line

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You can become more efficient while gambling if you learn more about important things about various types of bonuses available. You should also search for no-deposit casinos as well, where you can get free funds without the need to place your first deposit there. However, these casinos are very rare today. On the other side, the great competition on the market has lead many companies to implement various strategies that might attract more people. Because of that, you should keep track of the latest news on your favorite gambling platforms, since many casinos offer additional bonuses from time to time. For example, a Monday bonus, where you could get free betting funds according to your activity during the week before.