Finding Value in Casino Bonuses

Unearthing a truly value casino bonus can be hard. There are many offers and promotions in various forms across all online casinos. Each one is bigger and shinier than the last which can often dazzle players into thinking this is a bonus for them.

However, among confusing terms and large number values, there are a great many bonuses not offer good value for money. Luckily, players can find some of the best bonuses around on this website.

Additionally, there are several aspects potential bonus-takers can consider before leaping onto the first bonus they come across. Following the strategies outlined below, players can find better value bonuses.

Understanding play-through or wagering requirements

One of the biggest downsides to any online bonus is that there are wagering requirements in place. Now, these are there to protect the casino, preventing players from simply claiming the bonus and then withdrawing it immediately without playing with it. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be annoying.

While it may seem confusing, all it means is that a bonus and/or deposit must be played through a specified number of times before a withdrawal can be made. Of course, this means looking for the lowest wagering requirement possible as this will be easier to achieve.

For instance, 20x requirement is far more achievable than a 70x requirement. To illustrate the point further, if the player gets $10 as a bonus with 20x wagering requirements, this has to be played through to a value of $200. However, the same bonus with 70x is $700. Far harder to achieve. Thus, checking for the wagering requirement first can help players in the long run.


Sticky versus non-sticky bonuses

A relatively new term in online casino bonuses, these days offers can be sticky or non-sticky. Depending on which is available, there are some pros and cons.

A sticky bonus means that when the player makes a deposit, the deposit and bonus added become one. They are stuck together. This means that no winnings can be withdrawn until the wagering requirements of the full value of both the deposit and bonus have been met. Say, this is a 100% match deposit bonus and the initial deposit was $10. The bonus cash is another $10 making $20 together. For a sticky bonus, the entire $20 must meet the wagering requirements which means playing through to a value of $400 with 20x requirements.

In contrast, a non-sticky bonus keeps these two funds separate. This means players only have to meet the requirements for the bonus of $10. Better still, if players start playing with their initial deposit and get a win, they can withdraw the winnings without having to go through the wagering requirements at all. Of course, the bonus credit is forfeited and returned to the casino in this instance and cannot be withdrawn.

Picking bonuses with time to spare

In terms of getting the most out of the bonus, players should also be looking for bonuses that give players plenty of time. All bonuses have timeframes or expiration dates in place. Some are just more generous than others. Often players neglect to look at when the bonus runs out and this can cause issues.

For instance, if the bonus has to be claimed within 24 hours and has a three-day time period in which to meet any wagering requirements, it’s unlikely the player will do so. Additionally, players are being encouraged to play a lot to meet the requirements in time, which is not following responsible gambling best practices.

Players should always be on the lookout for bonuses that have a month or more in which to use the bonus and meet requirements. This gives players time to enjoy the bonus. Not only that, it’s a better way to explore what the casino has to offer as a whole.


In short …

Bonuses are very varied, but it’s the terms and conditions that count, not the value being offered. Savvy players will make it a point to check these before signing up and claiming an offer. Doing so, enables players a better chance at being successful with the bonus, subsequently enjoying their time at the casino even more.

Kantar Anita
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