Top 9 Female Crypto Influencers You Should Be Following

The impact of crypto influencers on people’s mindsets is the most important aspect that has fueled the cryptocurrency craze. Famous influencers provide useful information on cryptocurrency trading, prospective benefits, and updates on forthcoming currencies, among other things.

People get more secure about investing in digital currencies after being acquainted with these superstars. Female influencers have a greater impact on traders and investors than male influencers. As a result, the following section will go through the top female crypto influencers in detail.

1. Laura Shin


Laura Shin, a Forbes Senior Editor who focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain, is quite an amazing woman. Her subjects include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Blockchain, technological advancements, and trading. She broadcasts a podcast called ‘Unchained,’ which is one of her numerous abilities. She speaks with industry experts all over the world about her blockchain themes. She has written about blockchain in the context of health care, financial services, and government reform. Laura isn’t falling asleep at the wheel, and if staying informed is the name of the game, you’ve found your gal. To start your cryptocurrency trading journey, visit

2. Ruja Ignatova


There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the “Crypto Queen,” especially if you or someone in your circle has been duped by her devious ruse. She was in command of a Ponzi scam that devoured hundreds of billions of dollars in investments from people all over the world. To attract as many investors as possible, she dubbed her cryptocurrency a “Bitcoin killer.” Unfortunately, the ending of the story is predictable, given that no one has known where she has been for years. As a result, before handing your finances to someone who promises miracles, make sure you know who you can trust.

3. Preethi Kasireddy


It’s a little strange that the great majority of people expect others to provide them with a universal prescription for success. Unfortunately, those who believe anything similar to the above often discover that making a fortune overnight is not as simple as it appears, and they may even lose more than they are ready to give as a result of listening to the incorrect influencers.

To avoid making the same mistake, we recommend that you either listen to or read what Preethi has to say, as she is one of the most influential female crypto experts at the moment. If you want to learn more about crypto, set an appointment with this seasoned lady who has built a name for herself by working in the field.

4. Emmanuelle Gane

We’d have to spend more of your time than you’re willing to offer if we tried to list all the titles related to the name Emmanuelle Gane. As a result, we’d want to call attention to the World Trade Organization’s responsibility for the aforementioned female blockchain influencer. She is a senior analyst in the Department of Economic Research and Statistics, which speaks volumes about her expertise in the field. As a result, paying attention to what she has to say regarding current blockchain trends could be extremely beneficial, especially given the type of data she deals with on a daily basis.

5. Crypto Wendy

Wendy is another well-known cryptocurrency YouTuber, with a large following. With the level of material Crypto Wendy provides, this is precisely what people anticipate. Exclusive interviews, seminars, live streaming, and how-to content are just a few examples.

She also looks at different cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Crypto Wendy dives further into vital subject areas such as cryptocurrency trading, in addition to market trends and sponsored products. As a result, the Crypto WendyO channel is for those who want to take advantage of the current crypto chances. She also provides crypto interviews, technical analysis, reviews, and market updates, among other things.

6. Rachel Siegel


Rachel’s unique approach to disseminating information about cryptocurrencies and blockchain has piqued the interest of the international crypto community. Crypto Finally is her YouTube channel. She teaches people about cryptocurrencies through music and films, and she hopes that her work will encourage them to study and learn more about them.

7. Meltem Demirors


Meltem Demirors is the Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares, a London and New York-based digital asset investment organization that focuses on elective resources, beginning with worldwide client standards. Demirors also produces a monthly podcast as well as the annual Crypto Springs conference in Palm Springs.

Meltem is in charge of portfolios for around 120 organizations and four auxiliary organizations. She is also a founding member and co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Cryptocurrency Council, and she spoke before the House Financial Services Committee about the importance of Bitcoin.

8. Tiffany Hayden

Tiffany Hayden is a well-known female figure in the cryptocurrency world. Casheer, a mobile payment platform for digital currencies for merchants and customers, is co-founded by her. She’s also a part of the Bitcoin GNO community.

Tiffany Hayden is a Ripple XRP protocol expert, a full-time blogger, and an independent adviser who helps financial industry specialists and organizations understand Blockchain innovation. In addition to being the community manager for Edge, Hayden is also the community manager.

9. Elizabeth Stark


Elizabeth Stark is a blockchain entrepreneur, educator, and supporter of the open internet. Elizabeth is the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, a network client that expands and accelerates blockchain systems while also handling Bitcoin transactions. She works as a fellow at Coin Center, one of the top cryptocurrency policy groups that also advocates and develops appropriate rules, and as a consultant at Chia, a company developing a new, easy-to-use blockchain protocol.


Crypto influencers, both male and female, have done an excellent job enticing people to invest in blockchain and crypto. The above-mentioned female influencers have built a vast crypto awareness network to reach out to those who do not have access to the internet.

These influencers assist established traders by keeping them up to date on less well-known or obscure but important market information. Millennials and Gen Z have begun to follow these influencers to begin crypto trading as the world has shifted more towards the online realm.

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