Characteristics Of A Family That Would Affect A Family Law Case

There are different types of family law cases that could vary from each matter. Similarly, there are specific characteristics of a family that would affect the decision of child custody. For instance, the home environment would decide the child custody and parenting time.

There are specific characteristics that you should be aware of if you are dealing with a divorce case. Similarly, you could also consult Broder Orland Murray & DeMattie LLC if you need legal representation and help. This blog below covers the necessary aspects of the characteristics of a family affecting the decision of child custody.

What is family law?


Before diving right into the characteristics of a family affecting the legal case, it would be more helpful if you know its basics. Family law primarily deals with legal issues related to family relationships. Unfortunately, many families encounter legal disputes with their family members. Family law will apply when the problem cannot be resolved within the family and there is a need for legal supervision.

Family law consists of legal cases such as adoption, child custody, and divorce. For instance, a family lawyer will help in matters where the separation between spouses is needed, determining which spouse will get child custody, child support, and other legal issues. Tsakanikas Law office specializes in divorces, custody, parenting, and child support.

Need for family law

Family law is a crucial aspect that needs to be handled by experienced law professionals. Family law is responsible for protecting the family’s interests by setting legal standards. It safeguards family members by clearing out the obligations, rights, and duties of each family member.

Simply put, family law can be needed when disputes arise between a family. Many people think they can handle the complexity of their family case independently without referring to family laws. Although, family law can provide more clarity and closure to an issue that would otherwise cause more problems.

Examples of family laws:

Family laws are aimed to provide betterment and resolution for a family matter. A few examples of family law can be protection against family abuse, safety regarding marriage abandonment, equal rights for children, a mother’s request for social security and legal protection, and the right to decide the number of children.

When a spouse experiences the above examples of scenarios in their family, they will likely need a family lawyer. Family law can guide the family on agreeable terms by diminishing the possibilities of clashes about different decisions.

Essential characteristics of a family for legal case:

  • Willingness


The willingness of a family member to make extra efforts for other family members is an important characteristic that would positively affect child custody. The court may derive the child custody toward the parent willing to go the extra mile for the child’s betterment.

For instance, if a parent shows more effort and interest for the child by providing a better and safer environment, they will likely get custody by family laws. If a parent or family member is unwilling to resolve a family legal issue, the case could get severely affected.

  • Respect

Respecting everyone and acting appropriately play a crucial role when someone is being held in court for the decision of child custody. The ability to listen to others patiently and politely, irrespective of a person’s age, indicates a child’s manners. If a parent can raise the child in such a way, they would likely get custody of the child.

The parent might be needed to prove how they can shape the child’s mind and behavior. If demonstrated convincingly, the court will reward the child custody to the parent. Similarly, respecting is a healthy sign of effective communication between spouses. If either spouse acts abruptly, it will show the court that deciding on the other spouse’s side will be optimal.

  • Mistakes


No family is perfect. Each family makes mistakes. What matters is how a family learns from those mistakes and overcomes any issue by being together. The child custody verdict would be significantly affected by such family characteristics. If a family or a parent fails to show such elements in court, child custody may be rewarded to someone else.

For example, if a family member keeps making mistakes intentionally for a particular reason, the verdict will be affected. Such cases could indicate the negligence of a family member towards the resolution of a legal matter. These mistakes can be related to child custody, like not adhering to the schedule appointed by the court or neglecting the child’s life.

  • Communication

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Even with parents and children, communication is a necessary factor. The parent must be aware of the child’s condition and should be able to provide an environment that allows the child to communicate openly. The court will closely review if there is any communication gap within the family.

It may sound surprising, but the primary reason behind most family disputes and legal cases of ineffective communication. Communication characteristics can play a significant part in the verdict of a legal matter. It can show the court the importance of resolution to eliminate further disputes.

  • Learning


The environment of a home must be welcoming and comforting. Although, the child should experience the same with learning. The characteristic should reveal how much effort the parent took to create a learning environment for the child. It would be most helpful if the child felt encouraged toward learning.

The characteristics mentioned above are the factors the judge might observe. The decision on child custody is crucial. It would be helpful if you seek legal assistance to ensure there are no loose ends to the case. If you want to win child custody, it would be most likely if you prove the characteristics and factors mentioned above.


Now that you are familiar with family law and its essential characteristics, you could be ensured to handle your case in a different and better way. Avoiding such aspects can confuse many families by distracting them from the issue. You must know such factors to ensure your legal case is not affected by negligence and avoidance.

Radulovic Jovica
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