External Motivation Through Speakers ─ Does It Really Help?

Many companies hire keynote speakers for their events to provide new impetus from outside. Does this really work or do employees feel let down by their CEO, the leader of the company?

This article shows why keynote speakers can really make a difference in the minds of employees.

Why is the Keynote So Helpful?

keynote speaker often stands in front of hundreds or even thousands of people. Their job is to inspire the audience, get them desiring (difficult) topics and create some aha moments. It’s about bringing an impulse from outside and perspectives from others into the company and the minds of the employees to motivate them.

Therefore, engaging a speaker is not just the sweet candy for entertainment, but a well packaged and strategic approach. Visions, goals and even possibly critical tones come to the stage well packaged, much like a sherbet center in a sweet, in the form of the speaker.

Bite-sized Chunks of Information ─ Never More Than 20 Minutes

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Every employee knows them and has had at least one of them: Never-ending meetings that are often no longer about the actual topic, but just about giving speeches. Often it is even the line manager or company boss himself who gets lost in empty phrases and simply can’t get to the point.

The result is often employees who switch off mentally; their minds are already off work or shopping. Getting them excited about the idea at this stage or working with them to find solutions to problems is almost impossible.

This is precisely where keynote speakers come in because they get to the heart of things in a short and crisp manner. The rule of thumb is the 20-minute rule. All information is packed into a maximum of 20 minutes on stage in an entertaining way.

What Do Employees Get From the Speaker?

When a keynote speaker takes to the stage, a breath of fresh air comes into the company/event in the form of another person. This in turn stimulates the curiosity and attention of those present.

In the best-case scenario, the speaker knows their trade and can speak informatively, entertainingly and without boredom and share their expertise. A key advantage is that the speaker can also address critical topics.

For example, topics such as teamwork, communication and leadership are also addressed. With their external perspectives and professional approaches, they can break down existing thought patterns and contribute to improving teamwork.

Initiating Change Processes

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The motivating words of an experienced external speaker bring fresh perspectives that can challenge existing ways of thinking and reveal new approaches. Such impulses are particularly valuable when teams are faced with the task of rethinking established processes or developing innovative solutions.

Change processes require adaptability and often a reorientation of corporate goals. A keynote speaker can use their experience and expertise to show ways in which these challenges can be successfully overcome.

He or she serves as a catalyst who not only stimulates ideas, but can also provide concrete examples of successful change in other organizations. This helps employees to recognize the value of change and better understand their role in the process.

Kantar Anita
Kantar Anita

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