What to Expect from Duct Cleaning? – 2024 Guide

Since all people in the world who are at least a little bit involved in the concept of duct cleaning know, this is a newly-introduced technology. So, it can be said that even the professionals in this field still have a lot to learn. This means that you shouldn’t completely believe all the recommendations that you receive about which company to hire to perform this.

Even though there are stories that frequent duct cleaning will provide you with some health benefits, there are no studies or reports that will prove these claims. At the same time, there is no proof that the dirt and particles that accumulate in it over time can have some massive negative effects on your health. Plus, we can see that these particles usually don’t even enter the house. With that said, you should know that there are some companies that will provide you with a quality service, but there are not many of them.

So, you need to be careful when choosing whom you are going to hire to perform something like this for you. If you are looking for some proper air duct cleaning, take a look at this location, be careful about whom you are going to hire. It makes perfect sense why the majority of Americans are looking forward to cleaning air ducts.

If you have in mind that, according to a certain study, the average American spends 90% of his free time inside a home, then you have a perfectly good answer to your question. Even though there isn’t any actual proof of this helping many people have a logic where they want to prevent something before it happens. We are totally okay with that. Now, let us take a look at what you can actually expect from the duct cleaning process.

How are They Cleaned?

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Since we are talking about fairly new technology, it should be said that different companies have a completely different approach to cleaning the air ducts. One of the commonest approaches, all of the people in the industry can witness that, is an air sweep method. This method will make sure that all of the dust mites and dirt are completely blown out of the vents. So, you can see that there is no absolutely anything left after this approach. When we say the air sweep method, it means using a vacuum that will serve as a device that will suck up all of the particles and mites into the device itself.

What Are the Results of This Process?

It should be known that this process is not something that will take too much time. So, you are not looking at a process that will consume too much of your time while you are at your home. Naturally, the company you’ve hired will send a crew of a couple of people who will provide you a quality service. It goes without saying is that you will need to provide access to the vents. Therefore, you will need to free up some space, so, the crew can perform all of the actions required.

When it comes to the noise, you will not need to be prepared for enduring many unpleasant noises. You can expect a noise who is made when you are vacuuming a rug for example. So, you are not looking for a loud noise that will disrupt your daily routine or chores at all. Naturally, you will need to turn off the air ducts, so, you can avoid some unpleasantries. If you hired a crew for maintenance during summer months, you need to be prepared by having some fans, which will provide you with enough coolness.

How Long is This Process?

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The exact time period this process requires is not fixed. Therefore, there is no certain amount of time in which this process will be completed. It depends on many different elements like, the size of the home, how long the ducts are, and how many of them you actually have in your home. It makes sense to say that the smaller your house is, the lower number of air ducts is. Generally speaking, depending on the size of your home, you can expect this process to last for a couple of hours.

How Often Should You Do That?

Usually, we can see that people hire companies to perform something like this every 18 months, or year and a half. There is absolutely no need for you to do this much more often. Naturally, this will heavily depend on your home, its size, the number of ducts, and, honestly, the area where you live. It makes sense that you need to clean this much more often if you are living in the state of Arizona or Nevada since there is so much dust from various deserts.

At the same time, we can see that there are some cases where some parts can get broken over time. Naturally, it means that you need to replace them. Plus, you need to have in mind that sometimes it can happen some vermin can accumulate in your vents. Also, some of the dirt and dust mites can be a cause for your system to get broken at some moment. As you probably know, there are a lot of different things that can happen and you simply need to be prepared for all of these situations.

The Bottom Line

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As we’ve already mentioned in the earlier parts of our article, duct cleaning is a technology that is still new. Therefore, there are no definite answers to any question regarding this technology. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maintain the whole system implemented in your home. So, you need to make sure that you need to conduct research in order to find the perfect company that will provide you with the best possible service. Also, you need to make sure that you’ve calculated properly how much of vents you have and how much work needs to be done, so, you will not be surprised with the bill after the job is completed.


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