A View on Evolution of Optical Industry – 2024 Guide

Every generation has to be descended by a successor generation event in the Eyewear Industry. The lapse of one generation to another range in a very interesting and inspiring way. Do you want to experience the ups and downs of the tidy journey of the Eyewear Industry? Let’s start reading then.

The journey from Necessity to Accessory.

People say that necessity is the mother to every breakthrough and every achievement. It might be true but what is the necessity is making a Google search on a Smart Safety Spec you are wearing despite the fact you can make that search on your cellular device and laptop as well? Where is the element of necessity in this? There is none. If the linguists are to make a new Proverb today they would replace the necessity with facilitation. This is called the ultimate facilitation. Ultimate facilitation is the mother of every breakthrough. Ultimate necessity is the mother of every great achievement. You can make a recording with your cell phone. You can make a recording with your DSLR Camera.

What if you are given Smart Safety Glasses for making a recording? Would you call it a necessity? You should rather call it facilitation. You don’t need to carry cellular gadgets. You don’t need to carry DSLR Camera. You only need to wear them and make as many videos as you want. That journey that took off with the concept of necessity has turned into a journey of accessory. Cellular gadgets are part of human accessories. Likewise, these specs have the potential to become an accessory for human beings.

The Great U-turn.

img source: marketwatch.com

Millions of specs were being produced in the industry and someone thought what if technology can be harnessed into specs? No sphere has left that doesn’t use technology or incorporates into its operations except dead. They don’t use technology. Otherwise, everything and everyone on this planet use technology in some format. This concept of adding the technology into the safety specs was a Great U-turn for the industry. Nothing had ever happened in this scenario before. It was a naïve idea. But the scientist made that bold notion practicality eventually. Today, smart safety specs are becoming a reality. Today, smart safety specs are purchased in the markets. This bold notion has become this much common today. It would further prevail in the best way possible.

Abrupt Rise of Optical Industry

Back in time, people used to mock and curse the wearing of Prescription Safety Eyewear. They took it as a very dangerous and very affecting disease. One thing is true in the entire notion. One thing is clear. You can call the eyesight problems a disease. But you cannot curse the specs today. People started wearing specs. They started to take it as fashion as well. Fewer brands are entertaining the audience. They were producing the specs in Millions and Billions to entertain a big audience. Suddenly, the optical industry took a deep dive into the production of specs. Rather than producing a single brand a billion times, hundreds of Safety Specs were launched into the spec industry. Today, the industry is producing millions and billions like older days. The difference is that these millions and billions are comprised of hundreds or diversified brands. Form 3M Safety Glasses to the Smart Safety Eyewear, from Wiley X Glasses to the AI-Powered Specs, everything falls in between these poles of industry.

  • 3M Safety Glasses
  • Wiley X Safety Eyewear
  • Hudson Safety Glasses
  • Guardian Safety Glasses
  • Armourx Safety Glasses
  • Titmus Safety Eyewear
  • Artcraft Prescription Eyewear
  • Hilco Safety Glasses
  • UVEX Safety Eyewear
  • Side Shield Safety Glasses

img source: sculpteo.com

Amongst those hundreds of eyewear brands, these brands managed to stay floating in the storm of the eyewear industry. They are the most ordered and the most purchased specs at present. The above list of specs is sourced from Eyeweb.

Next-Gen Optics

Every generation has to face the next generation someday. The generation of humans has to face the next generation of human beings. The generation of discoveries has to meet the next generation of discoveries. The generation of Science and technology has to meet the next generation. Likewise, the optical industry is today facing its next-generation at the moment. What makes you think that way? Cellular gadgets are the next-generation landline phones. Likewise, Tech and Smart Specs are the next generation of the optical industry. This next generation is more advanced. This next-generation has more caliber. This next-generation has more features. This next generation is taking the older generation at the peaks of advancement and technology.

More like,

  • Zoom Tech Glasses
  • Audible Alarm Glasses
  • Blind-Assisting Glasses
  • Meal magnifying Glasses
  • Wireless Augmented Reality Glasses
  • Fashionably Smart Glasses
  • Convertible Prescription Specs
  • Cancer-Spotting Glasses
  • Augmented Feedback Glasses
  • Visionary AR Eyewear
  • Solar-Powered Sunglasses
  • Search Engine Shades
  • Sci-fi Smart Glasses
  • Transparent VR Glasses
  • War Video Games Glasses
  • Virtual Designer Glasses
  • Video Recording Eyewear

Specs & Artificial Intelligence

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Glasses are widely known for eyesight. If not the eyesight, then Safety Glasses are the ultimate wearables. Nothing goes beyond this ultimatum. Nothing goes beyond this inception. Some announcements in the past changed the entire game. Google announced its first-ever Artificial Intelligence-Oriented Smart Glasses.

Lenovo announced its first and foremost AI-powered Smart Glasses. Envision announce its first and foremost AI-powered Smart Glasses Online by 2024. These announcements changed the flow of the optical industry. These announcements made it clear that Artificial Intelligence isn’t limited only to the tech industry. These announcements also made it clear that artificial intelligence is no longer being explored for exploration only. Smart Specs fall into the subjection of these glasses.

These announcements made by the tech giants are proof of this concept. This tech has already become a part of these glasses. The time isn’t far from this accomplishment when AI-powered smart glasses would be part of the optical industry at best. That depicts the evolution of the Optical Industry that’s setting new Optical Constructs in the world.