7 Best Electric Smokers Under $300 in 2024

Electric smokers are the rage in the 21st century; People love it because they need to set it and forget about it. Some die-hard food lovers claim that the traditional charcoal smokers provide a more authentic taste to pork ribs and turkey. However, electric smokers rend a lovely aroma and delicious flavor to fish items and sausage. Also, they do not create a mess with ash, which needs hard work to clean up.

People may just put in brisket and leave for work. After they return, they will find a juicy and tender dish fully prepared. Get to know about the Best Electrical Smokers under $300 in this article.

Now, a variety of electric smokers are available in the market. So, here is a list of electric smokers available at an economical price.

1. Masterbuild Digital

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This famous brand has manufactured a durable electric smoker under $300. This perfect choice for beginners resembles a small and neat bar fridge.


It is not burdened with excessive designs. Only the elements required for basic cooking are present here. It comes with a vegetable and fish smoking rack. Also, a chicken stand, sausage hangar, and rib rack are present in it.

All the trays may be smoothly removed and cleaned. The digital electric smoker from this brand has a digital control panel. Its function is to maintain power and temperature. It emits smoke to cook the meals but doesn’t make the air too smoky.

Beginners say that they need to turn in the plugin, set the temperature and time. This machine will then automatically do its work.

The racks are durable in a sense they are chrome plated. Also, this model is portable. So, it is easy to carry this model outdoors for picnics and barbecues.

2. Cuisinart COS 330

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This model of electronic smoker has scored top ratings from users and is priced below $200.


This budget-friendly device has a 1500-watt heating element which produces high temperature. It comes with three removable chrome racks that may be used for whole smoking birds. These racks are also ideal for smoking large chunks of meat.

The durable racks and trays are easy to clean. The burly grab handle doesn’t get heated. So, the users may open the smoker without getting injured. A special analog thermometer, water trays, and wood chips monitor the temperature when it is indoors. This smoker is the ideal choice for beginners. It churns out lip-smacking fried pork and seafood.

The spacious interior cooking space makes this model convenient for parties. This portable and lightweight device may be used indoors and outdoors. The racks are removable for convenient cleaning.

3. Weber Smokey Mountain

img source: weber.com

This versatile electric smoker has a compact design.


It comes with a silicone temperature grommet which monitors the interior temperature. This model has high ratings because of its premium features. Its metal legs are rust-resistant. This economically priced model is suitable for outdoor barbecues and picnics.

Anybody who has an adequate supply of charcoal and fuel may use this model without any hassles. Its fuel door is easy to open so that wood and charcoal may be loaded. Its durable cooking grates are made of steel. This model comes with a lid thermometer. This affordable device comes with a black aesthetic design.

4. Dyna-Glo DG01176BDC-D

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This professional model of the electric smoker is equipped to cook 80 pounds of meals at a go. So, it has a spacious cooking space. This licensed electric cooker comes with a black Dyna-Glo cover to cover it against rain.


It has six adjustable racks for cooking vegetables or a whole chicken. The dual doors of this smoker ensure no heat loss while adding more charcoal. The smoke zone indicator includes a temperature gauge made of stainless steel. This water-resistant model has a sturdy carrying handle.

5. Smokehouse Big Chief:

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This USA-based model provides 165 Fahrenheits heat. It renders a delicious flavor to vegetables and chicken. It is an ideal model for cooking in the backyard.


This 450 watts electric smoker comes with five grilling racks. They are easy to remove. It also comes with a list of cooking instructions, free of cost, a 1.75 bag of wood chips, and a durable drip pan. The drip pan may safely be put in dishwashers.

6. Smokin-It electric smoker:

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This model, made of stainless steel is durable.


NSF certifies it for home use as well as commercial use, which justifies the price. It has a large capacity for smoke cooking. It has a 400-watt heating element with a LED indicator light. The wheels make it easy to be pushed outdoors. The long power cord makes plugging convenient.

7. Old Smokey Electric Smoker:

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This compact model is convenient for outdoor use. The different parts of the model may be assembled quickly. Everything may be removed to maintain and clean.


This affordable smoker makes grilling a smooth and straightforward process. The heating thermostat helps the customers set different times for cooking. It has a lid on the top that doesn’t allow moisture loss. Also, it doesn’t need extra water. Its multiple designs are heat resistant. It is easy to clean.

All the models discussed above are cheaper than $300. So, they are pocket friendly. Even amateur cooking enthusiasts may go in for them. Sites like Amazon have a stock of them.


People need to look into several factors before investing in an electric smoker. The digital temperature should have a digital temperature control system. The models need to have a large cooking area. When people invest in a reasonably priced electric smoker, they should not compromise with quality. They should ensure that they buy a premium quality smoker, which is easy to clean. It should be made of stainless steel, which ensures durability. The racks should be easy to assemble for amateurs. Portability is an important factor so that the electric smokers may be taken outdoors for barbecues. On the other hand, they need to be carried indoors soon at the slightest hint of any natural calamity.