How Good Are Electric Hoverboards for City Commuting – 2024 Guide

Opening Word

In the middle of the 2010s, a new tech trend swept over the globe and changed the way we can move around our cities. While some argued that these things were nothing more than hot, new, and rather expensive children’s toys, others immediately realized the potential they come equipped with. Hoverboards, as they were christened, are not actually what their name implies. We are still far, far away from the actual hoverboards that would allow us to levitate and fly around. For now, we have to settle for these two-wheel boards that can take us places.

More fun than a regular skateboard and modern enough for both kids and adults, they are still largely popular, even more so than they first appeared. New models are safer, quicker, more durable, and overall better. But how good are they for regular city commuting? Can they be used for more than just messing around and rolling with your friends? Can a hoverboard be used for commuting or for regular A to B destinations in any given city? To these and other questions, you will find the answer right here in the article. Read more in case you want to purchase one for yourself or a loved one after reading the article.

Price and Convenience

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In comparison to other gadgets for moving around town like electric scooters, proper bicycles with the necessary equipment, and especially motorbikes and cars, hoverboards are incomparably less expensive. As mere toys for the kids, they could be pricey, but for somebody who will use it every day to go to school or work, they are an exciting solution. You do not require parking, you can pack them in your backpack and carry it with you, and nobody can actually steal it since you will hardly part ways with it. When not in use, any corner, drawer, or closet will do but make sure to clean it a bit first. No gas, parking tickets, or registration involved. You do not even need any classes or training. When you calculate everything it makes perfect sense to invest in a hoverboard if you need something inexpensive to ride on.

Safety and Ease

The latest models come equipped with stronger motors, more durable wheels and bodies, longer battery life, and even head and tail lights. While it does take some getting used to in terms of respecting other pedestrians and traffic in general, moving around on one of these has all sorts of benefits. Safety, while questionable, is on a high level especially if you wear the obligatory helmet.

In some cases, while still practicing, you can also put on hand, elbow, and knee guards. Speaking of learning, it is generally easy to master. All it takes is some careful balancing until you get the feel of how it moves and behaves. Eventually, you will be able to do twists and sharper turns without any trouble. Each model comes with tips, tricks, and instructions and it is smart to browse the web for additional advice on how best to ride them. Since you require a lot of balance, you will also exercise your core whenever you ride it and therefore get in a basic, light workout for the whole body.

Is It Good for Commuting?

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Finally, we can talk about the titular topic of the article. Are hoverboards any good when it counts or are they exclusively made for having fun and riding around at the weekends when you have no worries? Well, the answer is anything but straightforward. First of all, it depends on your job and where you live. Since we are talking about city commuting, these will only work if you both live and work within a reasonable distance from your job, something you can cover in an hour or two of cycling or walking. This is already pretty specific but bear with us. If you both live and work (or study) downtown, you can easily go there on this board. It will take you anywhere from ten to thirty minutes and you will enjoy it greatly.

However, you will enjoy it only if the weather and environmental conditions allow you to. Unless you have enough roads to ride on, like pavements or bike tracks, it will be hard to navigate the landscape. Car roads are out of the question due to safety reasons, and anything that is not concrete or asphalt is problematic for longer periods due to the nature of the wheels and what they are meant for. In addition, if you live in a populous city with a few million citizens, there may be not enough room alongside the roads to pass through on a hoverboard without constantly stopping and going.

As you can see, as useful and great as they are, they could be even more if there weren’t any limitations like infrastructure, crowds, and a lack of proper roads. If you are lucky enough to be able to ride it without any trouble around your town, you should definitely invest in one. Make sure it is big enough for you, strong enough to support your weight, that it has lights, and that the tires and wheels are above average quality. You will love your new way of moving through the city, out in the open, with the fresh air and sun all around you. If not, you can perhaps try alternative paths or find the best routes to cover the commute at least partly. You can always hop off and pick it up until you find a clearing and speed up again. That is also one of the best things about it, the fact you can hop on and off depending on your mood or other factors involved.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

If you already have a car or a bicycle, maybe you do not need it. In case you want to try something new, something smaller and portable that you can easily store and pick up, think about buying it for yourself and using it to navigate your hometown. The kids will surely love it so ask them for some advice. You will be surprised with your own insight into things!