Best Practices of Electric Engines Maintenance in Saudi Arabia

The demand for EVs has increased markedly over the past decade thanks to their Innovative designs that are equipped with a solid structure and high safety standards in mind, powerful efficient engines, providing an overall secure unique driving experience.

These electric engines provide a powerful performance and efficient consumption, as they require less maintenance than their internal combustion counterparts. However, they still require regular inspections and maintenance.

We’ve listed the most essential steps you must perform to periodically check the electric engine.

How to Ensure Better Maintenance of Electric Engines?


The electric engine is remarkable for not requiring any activation whatsoever during the inspection process; nevertheless, if it is connected to the vehicle, you must disconnect it before moving on to the next maintenance step.

Here are some guidelines and crucial tips to maintain electric engines perform well, and remain efficient, powerful, and effective machines:

Perform Visual Inspection

This step requires removing the engine from power and the cover of the engine, taking a look at its physical condition and recording your observations. Then, you should inspect the engine for any obvious signs for damage, especially if the EV runs in an arid environment, you might spot wear or dirt buildup on individual components.

Therefore, all these factors may cause an internal problem; this also could lead to a burnt smell due to the high temperature.

Read The Engine Nameplate


The engine nameplate is attached on the motor side (or on top), and it lists all important data. The information included in the nameplate usually includes the following:

  • Engine manufacturer name
  • Model and serial number
  • Rotor inertia
  • Horsepower

And other information must be ensured to determine engine testing standards and thus maintain its safety.

Commutator Brush Maintenance

Make sure that the two ends of the electric motor, the commutator and the carbon brushes, are in good condition. Any indication of excessive wear on the brushes could cause issues with the engine’s commutation. It is necessary to replace the brushes to restore the integrity of the engine function.

Engine Winding Maintenance


First, you must ensure that the motor is disassembled. If you notice any burn marks, and cracks in the windings, the likelihood of serious damage is increased. Therefore, you should examine your EV with the dealership as soon as possible

Check The Radiator Fan

The radiator cooling fan must be inspected to ensure that it is firmly fastened and not clogged with dust or other contaminants. If any problem is found, it must be handled as quickly as possible because the openings of the rear metal protective cover must receive free and complete air circulation, to prevent inadequate cooling or overheating.

EV Battery Cooling


Lithium-ion batteries in EVs require a coolant to prevent overheating and posing a fire risk, so it’s essential to have it checked at the dealership regularly.

Finally, we have provided you with a list of the steps required to carry out the ongoing periodic inspection. We also recommend that you inspect your EV regularly and ensure that it is safe by visiting the EV maintenance facilities.

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