Do All Prada Sunglasses Have UV Protection?

Most people love to wear sunglasses, especially when it comes to famous brands like Prada. They are at the same time a beautiful decoration on the face and protect us from the sun. The Prada brand is closely linked to the concept of modern luxury and the concept of high fashion. It is a relentless style and innovation of products that perfectly follow the change of lifestyles. Thanks to top quality materials, interesting details, customers appreciate the brand.

However, these bold models are not for everyone. The models of these sunglasses are recommended to those who are highly fashion-conscious and unconventionally interpret fashion. These unique products are intended for everyone who combines old style with modernism trends. Prada is known for significant details that emphasize the identity and uniqueness of the brand, but also for quality workmanship for quality control.

Do all Prada sunglasses have UV protection?


All models offer absolute UV protection. However, not every model will protect you equally from the sun and its harmful effects. Coverage depends on the size and shape of the model you choose. For example, you get 100% protection if you opt for sunglasses that cover as much of the surface of your eyes as possible. They need to cover the eyes equally from the front and from the side. However, all Prada sunglasses, including Prada sunglasses women have lenses that are designed to protect your eyes during each wear. The only problem you can have with models that are not original, so buy only from reliable retailers.

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Don’t buy glasses at various places, on eBay and the like. Such models are mostly made of very low quality material and do not use UV-coated glass. They will only seemingly protect from the sun, which is very bad for our eyesight. If you look at the sun with such a model, the eye is damaged. In that case, it is better not to wear sunglasses because the eye is at least naturally protected from the sun by making you blink while looking at the sun or looking away. Buy glasses at authorized stores. They must be certified to protect against UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

Maintenance of sunglasses


Cleaning sunglasses every day is the best way to maintain them and prevent scratches and other glass damage. However, how many of you are doing it right? Before cleaning, there must be no dirt, grease, lotion or anything else on the hands that could get on the glass. Use soap or dishwashing liquid to clean your hands, as well as a clean towel. Do not clean the glass with wet wipes to clean glasses that can be bought in drugstores and similar stores. When you remove the glasses from your face, you do it with both hands. Removing with one hand leads to bending of the frame and loosening of the screws. Do not put glasses on top of your head. When placing the sunglasses on a flat surface, always turn the handles down.

If you turn them opposite, lenses down you can damage the lenses of your glasses. Do not leave the glasses near a heat source. It is advisable to store them in a holster until you use them. If you notice any deformation, do not try to correct them yourself, but consult a professional. Only special means are used for wiping, such as glasses degreasing spray and microfiber cloth that you will get with the purchased model. You can also use wet wipes for glasses. You should not use too aggressive agents such as alcohol, window cleaner, dishwashing detergent, soap and chemicals. They contain alcohol which damages the coating on the glasses, especially with Polaroid glasses, so you destroy the protection. Such wipes are intended for prescription glasses. If you follow all these tips, you will be able to keep your sunglasses clean and scratch-free for a long time.

Mistakes when choosing sunglasses


So, if you want your Prada sunglasses to protect you from the sun, you need to choose the right model. So consider the shape of your face. Every face is a bit asymmetrical, whether it is visible or not. Most people also have a small difference in ear height – one ear may be slightly lower than the other ear. That is why it is very important that you choose a frame that suits you well and covers your eyes and the area around your eyes to the maximum, thus protecting you from harmful rays. Also, there is a good chance that others have tried on the glasses before you and that they stand a little on your side.

How do I choose the right model of glasses?


The choice of sunglasses is specific because we should pay special attention to what shape of face we have and whether the desired model fits accordingly. If you care about aesthetics, don’t forget to consider other items such as the hairstyle and the overall look of the head. However, many do not know what shape their face is.

It is very easy to determine, you need to check which part of your face is the widest. For example, if the cheekbones are widest on your face, then you have a diamond or heart-shaped face. If the chin is the widest shape of the face then you probably have a square or triangular face or if the forehead stands out the most on your face then it is a round face. People with equal facial proportions have an oval face. In order for your face to look as symmetrical as possible, you should choose frames that contrast with the shape of your face.


Sunglasses are not just a way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. It is an opportunity to express your personal style and make a great fashion combination. Although you can look good with a cheap model, popular culture strives for brands that are constantly shaping trends around the world. Among them is Prada, which occupies a special place in this world. So, these sunglasses are definitely worth the investment because they give you protection and a good look.

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