Top 10 Cutting Tips to Help You Shred Body Fat – 2024 Guide

Cutting is the period when the main goal is the shredding of body fat and is usually the period of the training cycle that everyone likes the least. It requires a lot of sacrifices, attention to detail, depletes the body, and is generally difficult to implement to get the desired result. The goal is not only to lose fat from the body but also to maintain muscle and strength because if you fail to do so, losing fat will mean nothing.

This is why many bodybuilders and other athletes resort to various methods that often have no effect. The Internet is a source of all kinds of information, both good ones that will lead you to the goal, and those that bring completely wrong or worthless advice. That is why we will present you proven tips for the cutting period that will bring you to the ideal condition before the competition.

Also, all these tips can be used by people who are not athletes but just want to lose fat healthily and avoid the yo-yo effect. They should follow all those tips, only a little less rigorously.

Eat proteins and healthy fats

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When you are in the cutting period, the most important thing is to eat large amounts of protein.

They will maintain your muscles, and you will be full and energetically stable. Consume proteins from food sources like meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, and supplements. Supplements like whey protein powder are an excellent source of protein and easy to prepare and consume, so they are suitable for snacks. Be careful with proteins from plant sources because they often have a lot of carbohydrates in them.

Also, do not reduce your intake of healthy fats. While it might make sense for you not to ingest fat to lose it, that is not true. Nuts, avocados, bacon, and other sources of healthy fats are essential to maintain health and high testosterone levels. All this will affect you to maintain muscle mass and reduce the amount of fat.

Reduce your carb intake

As we have already said, fat intake is not crucial for fat in our body. What influences it the most are carbohydrates. Although you are probably used to eating a lot of them during the bulk period, now is the time to reduce them a lot. You can resort to methods like the keto diet and eliminate carbohydrates except for once a week as a refill or try less strenuous diets, such as carb cycling. Leg day is the best day for a high carb intake if you opt for carb cycling

Drink enough water

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This is general advice that should always be applied. But in this period it is especially important. You will dehydrate more easily, and therefore you must constantly drink enough water. In this way, you will avoid the accumulation of water in the body, which must be avoided before the competition.

Use legal steroids

No matter how much you pay attention to nutrition, hydration, and workouts for many people, it is simply impossible to bring the body fat level to 5%. And without that, there is no victory in the competition. Then it’s time to use steroids. You have to make sure they are legal. One of the best legal steroids for cutting is Winstrol. You will lose fat and keep the muscles—holy grail for all bodybuilders. Visit to read more about Winstrol and other legal steroids with the proper use of which you will reach the desired level.

Lift weights

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Many stop lifting weights during this period. This will have a terrible effect on both the maintenance of existing muscles and the loss of fat from the body. Weightlifting is also the best way to lose weight for people who want to lose weight, and not cardio, as was once thought.

Plan cardio workouts

Although we have said that weightlifting is the primary way, it does not mean that cardio is useless. You just have to know when and how it will be used. Different athletes have different approaches, and some of the most common are cardio workouts in the morning before the first meal. Or after a workout, any time of the day. Yet HIITs have proven to be the most effective for fat loss.

Sleep more than usual

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Sleep more than usual because people who do not get enough sleep have a slow metabolism and low testosterone levels. And these are two critical factors during the shredding process. Also, due to lower carbohydrate intake, you will have less stamina, so it is good to sleep longer than usual.

Beware of hidden calories

Hidden calories can ruin your whole effort. So, check the macronutrients in every food you eat because hidden calories, primarily from sugar, will be a significant setback.

Avoid stress

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Stress leads to the intake of sugar because the consumption of sugar activates the secretion of insulin, and insulin inhibits cortisol, a stress hormone. Another option for stress relief is alcohol, so stress is awful for you to progress.

Eat fibers

Fiber slows down digestion, so when you consume carbs, it will not end up as quickly as the sugar in your blood. This will lead to a drop in insulin, and then the fat loss will be possible. High fiber diets have been proven to be much better for weight loss than low fiber intake. This can be easily achieved by consuming vegetables, brown rice instead of white, etc.


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And lastly, know that you will be hungry occasionally. If you follow all the tips, this will rarely happen. Still, to really get to a very low percentage of body fat, below 8 percent, which is the goal of all competitive bodybuilders, hunger must be an integral part of the process. In case you are just someone who wants to lose fat, then you can altogether avoid periods of starvation with a proper meal schedule.