Crypto Casinos Taking Over In 2024

With technology always advancing, it comes as no surprise to learn that crypto casinos are not only increasing in number, but they might be taking over this year. Building on standard online casinos before them, crypto casinos use the foundations laid out by these online sites, adding new technology and innovative features.

As such, it’s no surprise they’re doing well. But, what exactly do these sites offer that fiat casinos don’t?

Anonymous and Secure Gaming

Without question, this is the biggest reason for the recent success of crypto casinos. New BTC casinos such as Betiro don’t require players to sign up when they play. Instead, players can join the casino anonymously without the need to provide verification.

In addition to this, crypto casinos use cryptocurrency. By its very nature, crypto payments don’t provide the casino with any player or identifying details. Again, this allows players to make payments and play without being tracked how and where they are spending their money.

Additionally, using crypto or bitcoin payments means that the blockchain is used. This ensures cryptographic protocols are in place which is hard to manipulate. Subsequently, hackers are unable to steal funds keeping transactions secure.

As cryptos are decentralized currencies, data breaches are not as easy, though crypto casinos will still have additional SSL encryption protocols in place.


Speedy Payouts

These days, players are increasingly more impatient when it comes to claiming their winnings. Many first casinos can only process payments in a day. Typically though, payouts are longer than this often ranging from 3 to 10 days depending on the payment method being used. Not so with crypto.

Cryptocurrencies allow for fast processing on the blockchain. This means that transactions of all types have a minimal wait time. In fact, cryptocurrencies can be processed within 15 minutes of requesting a withdrawal which means players can get their winnings almost instantly. Without going through verification processes, crypto payments are some of the most efficient options out there.

Not only that, but cryptocurrencies are more accessible around the world. There are lower fees as there is no currency conversion required. As such, casinos can offer lower fees when compared to fiat payments, which makes players happier. In conjunction to this, these savings can be beneficial to players as it is often converted into bigger and better bonuses — another reason for the increased popularity of crypto casinos.

Bonuses and Gamification

As touched upon, crypto casino bonuses can be very lucrative. With lower fees and fewer overheads, these casino bonuses can often be very lucrative. Some of these bonuses can be huge, really rewarding high rollers as well as budget players. Bonuses such as these come in many shapes and sizes including match deposit bonuses and free spins.

But, these crypto casinos often have additional rewards and gamification features in place as well. Being able to use the latest technology, these casinos often have tournaments, loyalty programs, and more to keep players sticking around for the long term.


Large Games Library

Finally, crypto casinos such as BC.Game, Stake and Gamdom are taking over due to their abundance of games. Able to piggyback off designs and game ideas from older casinos, these newer sites use HTML5 technology to provide optimized mobile gaming.

Additionally, the game libraries here are often some of the most extensive around. Unlike fiat casinos, crypto casinos often have 5000+ casino games from a large array of game providers. This means that players have access to more games, and libraries that are continually expanding as the casino grows.

With all these features in place, it’s no surprise to see crypto casinos taking over the gaming industry.

Kantar Anita
Kantar Anita

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