Cost-Effective Solutions for a Small Move to Miami

Miami draws millions of tourists every year. People come from everywhere to enjoy the city’s turquoise ocean and golden beaches through all seasons. They marvel at the deep purple sunsets and book cruises from one of two massive ports.

Moreover, people move to Miami every day, with nearly 1,000 people flocking to Florida daily. Some bring everything and the kitchen sink, while others keep their move as small as possible to save money.

If you have been contemplating leaving bad weather behind for endless sunny days on a Miami beach without breaking the bank, keep reading to discover how to make a small move to Miami.

What Is a Small Move?

Before you start packing, it is important to know what qualifies as a small move. The number of items is not the issue with a small move, but the weight is. So, if your collective items weigh 2,000 pounds or less, you can refer to your move as small. Anything above that will likely be viewed as a regular move.

What Not to Do During a Small Move


There are several things to look for and avoid when planning your small move. For instance, when comparing quotes, you may find that some moving companies offer reasonable rates while others have only high base rates.

If you use a moving company that is not flexible with their high base rates, they will move your items (that weigh less than 2,000 pounds) with a huge truck and charge you for a set number of hours. You will have to pay for all these hours even if it takes only two hours to get your stuff to Miami.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is hidden charges. You must confirm that the company has included all services provided in the final quote you received. If they are not, you might get a nasty surprise later on.

Also, never hire a moving service from an open platform if you have never heard of the company or if there are a lot of negative reviews surrounding the company. The worst-case scenario is they either break your items or take your deposit and never show up.

Before you hand over any items to a moving company, you must do in-depth research, read reviews, and speak to someone in person.

Moving to Miami


Even before you decide on a moving company, you must start sorting through the items you want to take and those you want to get rid of. This is the only way to ensure your move is below the 2000-pound limit. By holding an impromptu garage sale or donating items to charity, you can save money on your move instantly.

While you declutter your home, create an inventory of what you own. Categorize all your items into two lists: essentials vs. non-essentials. For instance, your bed and clothes are essential items, while paintings and books are non-essential. Pack up all the essentials and then gauge the weight of everything combined. If it is far under 2,000 pounds, you can add small non-essential items.

You can save some cash on packing materials, too. For instance, you could ask local retail stores for free cardboard boxes. You could also ask friends and family for boxes and other materials to pack and wrap your items in. Instead of buying special cushioning, you could use old towels and blankets to keep your stuff from getting damaged during transit. Remember to keep a marker handy so you can label every box.

At this point, you want to start requesting quotes. You can send a detailed explanation or even photos of your items so that you get more accurate quotes to compare. Consider moving during the off-peak season, typically between October and April. This way, you’ll find discounts or lower moving rates. You should also schedule your move during the week to save even more. Carefully read every quote you receive and compare them. Do online research on each company to ensure they are licensed and insured.

If you have minimal items to move (think bed, clothes, cutlery, and toiletries), you can save more money by hiring a trailer instead of a moving truck. But, if you have large items that must go, like a piano and freestanding closet with your bed and appliances, a moving truck is a must. If you are moving across a long distance to Miami, hiring professional movers is the only way to go if you want your items to arrive safely and undamaged.

Choosing a Moving Company


Before you settle on a particular moving company, you must get all the relevant information. For instance, how many moves has the company made? How many complaints do they have against them on various platforms?

For that matter, do they have positive reviews for their customer service? If you require extra services like packing supplies and storage, ask whether the moving company offers these. Find out about insurance, safety, and security while your items are in transit. You can also ask whether you can track the truck transporting your stuff using an online app or the company’s website.

If you need help packing and unpacking or require the movers to reassemble and hook up your furniture and electronics, you must let them know well in advance. This should form part of your quote, as these services will come at an extra cost. When all the details of the move have been included in the quote, you should get a signed contract from the moving company indicating that they intend to show up on time and get your items to Miami in good condition.

Getting to Miami and Settling In

Moving can be stressful, but when Miami is the end destination, things can only get better. Follow these tips, stay resourceful throughout your small move, and use the money you save to settle in your new place. With some planning and choosing the right moving company, you can achieve a small Miami move on a budget.

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