Common Reasons Your Website Isn’t Attracting Visitors

There is no reason to explain why getting more visitors is crucial. That is the whole point of having a website.

But many factors could lead to a drop in traffic, both technical and creative aspects that will make your stories less visible.

Before I continue with the reasons and their solutions, I must add that you must learn to use analytics tools. Without that, you won’t know how your website performs and what steps to take next.

And combining data from analytics with proper strategy requires skills and experience. So, if you need help with ranking your site, the best option is to hire professionals like SEO Leeds.

Also, here are some common reasons that will lead to lower traffic on your web page.

Bad Website Design

bad website design


While there are many tools you can use today for design even if you don’t have any experience. the fact is that ensuring a high-quality appearance can be done only if you work with a professional.

On the other hand, you can do it yourself as well, and it is not that difficult. What is the point? Well, to make the visual elements engaging, simple, easy to understand. And how do you do that? Just don’t force additional elements without any purpose.

Another important aspect of the design is related to technical features like loading, switching between pages, or using some on-site features (registering, making online payments, playing a mini-game, and numerous other examples).

Just don’t rush to make a website public before you are sure that the design is appropriate.

Lack of Proper Search Engine Optimization

bad search engine optimization


I already mentioned that you should consider hiring an expert in this field at the beginning of this article.

The reason is no matter how good the design or other features are, you must ensure that your website will appear in search engines.

There are many rules you will have to follow. For example, select the right title for your article, implement the proper structure, add unique photos, and much more.

The challenging part is related to potential mistakes you could make, such as not following the latest EEAT requirements. It’s about providing proof of authority, expertise, experience, and trustworthiness.

And if you are not familiar with this at all. Well, just hire an expert to make sure your pages will be listed on the first page on Google, Bing, and other engines.

You Are Not Focused on Your Niche

not good niche


The fact is that the internet these days is full of various content. It may seem very difficult to position yourself as a new business. But there is a way. So, the first step is to focus on your niche and stay within those limits all the time.

Let’s say you are selling solar panels. You don’t have to write only about the panel as a device. This is actually a very wide topic where you can focus on answering why is it a good solution, how it can help the environment, what are the financial benefits, and much more.

The most important detail is that such an approach will help you build a brand, and it will become recognized by more people over time. In simple terms, the focus must be on providing value to people(high-quality articles, relatable stories that make sense, and relevant products listed in the store).

You Are Not Consistent

not consistent website


No matter how good the article you just wrote is, making it as only one on a website won’t lead to any results.

You must build consistency by expanding the story with more pieces, that you can later combine into the same category. That’s how you build a blog. It will take some time for the results.

But once you establish a base of visitors, you might be able to reach a huge increase in traffic.

And if you wonder what is the right frequency for uploading new content, it depends on some factors as well. For example, the niche. If you are covering sports, it would be natural to release new articles all the time, related to the most recent results, or your predictions of following games, along with many other news.

On the other side, releasing a lot of articles all the time can be a mistake. Just be sure that you can maintain the quality. It would be better to share one piece per week, that will be a post read and shared by a lot of people, instead of using a spammy technique and uploading a bunch of articles every day.

In many cases, that will only lead to poor quality, and some people might even find it annoying.

The Website is Not Mobile-Friendly

not mobile-friendly


This is a huge mistake today when most people are using phones to research the internet. According to some studies, over 60% of users are only using their phones. That is a lot of potential visitors!

If you are not experienced with making a website suitable for mobile browsers, just hire a developer who can quickly fix that issue.

You Are Not Using Social Platforms

without social media platforms


Not being on social platforms is like you don’t exist online anymore, at least most people think that.

It would be a huge mistake if you choose a passive approach, where you will only share a couple of articles on a website, and then wait for the traffic to rise. Well, it might never reach any reader.

Think of social media as a shortcut that will bring you a lot of potential readers. You can combine platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and X, and each time when you release a story, you can post it on these platforms. It will be easier for people to discuss your topic, and you might be able to find out if there are negative reactions, and what could you fix to improve.

Final Thoughts

The easiest approach to determine whether there are elements that need improvement is to put yourself in the position of a visitor. Check your website from both PC and phone, and analyze what you wrote, check out the pictures, animations, and everything else.

Pay attention that there are no annoying details or loading problems and that your articles are written properly.

Ivan Hancko
Ivan Hancko

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