Common Accident Causes and How to Proceed After an Accident

The goal of New York’s traffic rules is to safeguard drivers. Unfortunately, when people disregard these rules, many accidents result. Most accidents result from driver irresponsibility, which can have severe consequences for victims, click here to get help.

Despite laws and methods to prevent these car accidents, the number of accidents that occur annually is on the rise. Sometimes, the most experienced drivers can be involved in a car accident just because the other driver behind the wheel behaved carelessly.

If you or someone you love gets into a car accident due to someone else’s mistake, you are eligible to get financial compensation. The victim can file a car accident claim and proceed ahead.

Most frequent reasons for accidents

While the reason behind a car collision may vary from one accident to another, there are a few commonly observed reasons. Let us check them out below.

1. Driver error


Driver error is the term used to describe accidents brought on by drivers who disobeyed traffic laws, such as failing to yield to the right-of-way or driving too closely. Many drivers become a part of driver error.

2. Unsafe Driving

Often drivers indulge in unsafe driving. In fact, according to a few reports, it was noticed that drivers are aware of the risks they are taking but still continue to follow unsafe driving practices. Examples of negligence include driving while texting or changing the radio station.

3. Improper servicing

Commercial automobile firms are responsible for maintaining their fleet vehicles. They may be held liable if an accident results from a defective component or a lack of maintenance.

4. Driving Under the Influence


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense. Some states even prohibit driving after taking certain medications. Compared to adults, the younger driver gets involved in drunk driving often. However, a driver who collides while under the influence may be at fault.

5. Excessive speed

Incorrect passing and failing to signal appropriately are all characteristics of irresponsible driving. Excessive speeding on the road is not only a risk factor for the driver but also for others, including pedestrians. If the driver is found guilty of speeding, they will face a penalty and be held accountable for the accident (in case).

This is only one possible scenario for how car accidents could occur. A New York automobile accident attorney you retain will make every effort to establish fault or carelessness in your case.

How to proceed after an Automobile Accident?

The security of you and any passengers must come first in the moments following a distressing incident like a car collision. Following an accident, you should do the following to safeguard both your security and your legal claim:

1. Obtain medical help


Wait for medical aid while dialing 911. Retreat to a safe area that is an observable distance from the scene if your life is in danger. If you have someone else in the car, check on them to ensure they are not injured. Some people may be injured in different parts of their bodies, such as knees and shoulders. For these, you can check out Ray of Health for more health and musculoskeletal tips to recover from these injuries.

2. Call the police

Informing the police after the accident is essential. The responding policemen will ask the persons involved for statements. Give law enforcement all the information you can about the accident and the events leading up to it. The police will file a report based on the evidence present there. Remember, a police report contains crucial information, and the report will come in handy when you file a claim. So, make sure to ask for a copy of the police report.

3. Gather Evidence

When you are capable of it, start gathering proof. Take video and photos of the incident, and get any witnesses’ contact details and names. Record any injuries you may have as well as any damage to your car. Get the other driver’s name and insurance contact information as well.

4. Do not acknowledge the fault.


You should not admit fault when speaking with the authorities. Give as many details about the accident as possible, but refrain from blaming anyone. Even if you say you feel sorry after the accident to the other driver, the statement will be used against you as an admission of fault. Therefore, it is crucial to refrain from speaking anything with the other person.

5. Avoid Insurance Providers

Law does not require you to speak with the other driver’s insurance provider. Please send all correspondence to your attorney.

6. Follow your doctor’s advice strictly.

Depending on the severity of the accident, your doctor will provide the right medical assistance. Following your treatment, make sure to obey your doctor’s instructions until you are recovered. This is because the insurance company will keep an eye on how you are responding or cooperating with your doctors. Delaying or disobeying your doctor’s order will be used against you to claim that you are not as injured as you are showing.

7. Avoid posting about your injuries or claim on social media.


In the era where we want to communicate everything through social media, posting about what you are going through can be tempting. However, it is crucial to keep everything about your claim, including your injuries and accident, to yourself until your claim is settled. During the investigation, the insurance company will look out for your social media profiles to see what you are posting. Any statement or picture you post will be examined and can be used against you.

8. Seek legal counsel

As soon as possible after a crash, you should speak with a knowledgeable auto accident attorney. Dealing with the insurance company independently can do more harm than good. In such cases, Shulman & Hill personal injury lawyers can help you navigate the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve An attorney can assist you in filing the claim while you focus on your recover. Furthermore, the attorney will also be able to guide you throughout the process, gather evidence, and talk to the insurance company on your behalf. This will come in handy when you have no legal expertise and ensure that you get the right compensation. Lastly, do not delay in speaking to an attorney as the insurance company will try to push you to accept minimal offer.

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