5 Tips For Choosing The Best Luxury Car Rental

Regular car rentals are really easy and painless and many people have completed this process many times without a hitch. This can lead to a false idea that luxury car rentals are equally easy to arrange. There are some key things that are different about the two processes that can make luxury car rentals more challenging than renting a regular car for your trip or vacation. An example of a regular car rental would be something like enterprise.com and an example of a luxury car rental company would be like Falcon Car Rental.

If you have never rented a luxury car but you want to get the right one for your needs on your next trip, you need to check out this guide. You will be much better prepared to set up your rental if you follow the tips and tricks in this guide.

If you are ready to learn more about the tips that you should use for choosing the best luxury car rental, you need to read on!

Tips For Choosing The Best Luxury Car Rental

1. Call in Advance

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You will always want to call the rental company that you are thinking of renting from to make sure that they have the right cars in stock for your trip dates. Luxury car rental companies have a much smaller inventory of cars that they rent out and you will find that if you do not call in advance, you might not be able to get any of the vehicles you want for your trip. People will show up to pick up their luxury rental car and be shocked to find that all of the sports cars are already rented or that the one single Lamborghini has been taken already.

You might have to pay in advance, but you can usually put a hold fee on your rental to secure the right car for your trip. Knowing in advance that you will be able to enjoy the car that you have always wanted to drive is a big part of a successful luxury car rental process. You will always want to call in advance before you assume that you can just rent anything that you would like to drive upon arrival.

2. Consider Where you Are Driving

Not all luxury cars are nice to drive in town. There are many luxury cars that are actually only built for going fast and these cars can actually be really unenjoyable to drive in city traffic or into and out of steep driveways. You will want to be realistic about where you will be driving during your trip before deciding to rent a luxury car.

Many luxury car companies are located in big cities but the reality is that getting out of the city is the place to really enjoy these cars. If you cannot take the time to head out to the freeway and go for a drive during your rental dates, you might not be getting the most out of your car rental for the money.

3. Think About Your Luggage

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If you are traveling light, you probably don’t need to worry about this, but if you have a lot of bags or a bunch of people with you that need to get to the hotel or from the airport to your next destination, luggage can be an issue. Many luxury cars do not come with much in the way of trunk space and some of them barely fit two people let alone bags.

It seems obvious when you really think about it, that a sports car will not fit all the luggage that you have with you for a long vacation, but it can be easy to overlook this factor and then be stuck with the wrong car and a lot of bags. You will want to think about this factor before you pick up your luxury car at the very least.

4. Will You Want a Chauffeur?

There are luxury rentals where you drive yourself and then there are luxury rental options where someone can drive you. Having a chauffeur can be a really nice benefit to picking a luxury rental vehicle for your trip, but this does come at an extra cost. You will want to check before you secure your rental that you are able to have your driver attend to you during the hours that you want to make your trip from place to place. You might also want to think about the kind of car that you will pick if you want one that comes with a driver too.

This can be a great option for larger parties that have a lot of people and bags to think about but it can also be nice to just give your direction to the driver each time you head out for fun. Driver-included rentals are often handled as a call-for-service-style rental, so you might need to make multiple arrangements during your trip to cover the dates that you need transportation for your and your family.

5. Consider Insurance

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Many people incorrectly think that their personal car insurance will cover the damages that could happen to a luxury car when you are renting it. In the case of regular rental cars, this can make perfect sense and you should be able to use your own car insurance for your rental coverage. However, with a luxury car, your car insurance policy might not cover the cost to replace the car if something happens to total it.

Always make sure that you consider the rental agency’s included coverage when renting a luxury car. This might be a lifesaver if something happens during your rental period that causes a lot of damage to the car.

Renting Luxury Cars Can be Fun

If you have always wanted to rent a car that you could never afford to buy, you will want to consider a luxury car rental for your next trip. This can be a really fun way to have this kind of experience without the cost of buying a very expensive car for yourself. Luxury rentals can be a little more complicated than regular rentals, but it is often well worth it for the fun of the experience.

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