How Can I Find The Perfect Car Insurance Policy For My Teen – 2024 Guide

Handing over keys to your kid can be worrisome. Teenagers easily get distracted on the road and are likely to face danger. A car accident or damage involves a considerable amount of expenditure.

Engaging your kid in an acceptable car insurance policy would help you relieve stress and also save your money. There are various car insurance policies out there, and you need to choose the correct one for your children. This article might help you with some useful tips to select the perfect car insurance for your teen.

Look for discounts

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Your main goal should be getting car insurance at the most discounted price. Most companies won’t approach you with discounts. So, you need to check for deals beforehand. Some of the most popular discounts are:

  • Good students discount: If your kid is under 25 years of age and scores an about “B” average, then you can get a good discount.
  • Student away discount: This is a specific discount that only students who stay away from their families get. You’ll get an average value of 5 to 10%. Some also give a discount of up to 30%.
  • Good driver record: If you have a clean record, which means no history of accidents and violations, you can quickly get a distance. Try to maintain your driving record, and you’ll get this discount very quickly.
  • Discount for old teens: Old teens, supposed between 18-19, are more likely to get deals than early teens. They can get a value of up to 45%.
  • College students’ discount: College students also get a deal if they stay within 10 miles of their house.

Choose the right car

It is essential to choose a car that is cheap since damage repair is quite costly in insurance. If you decide on cavities parts that are rarely available or are not made, it would involve a considerable amount of money. Go for cars that are moderate in price and are readily available in the market. You should compare the data on collision by vehicle model before buying a new car. Choosing the right vehicle would save you from a massive expenditure in the long run. Do adequate research and then buy the car.

Go for insurances that provide tracking

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Many insurance companies these days provide parents with tracking. It is a process in which a specific device is fit in the car, and through it, the drivers can be tracked. It tracks the speed, location, and how often the driver had to brake hard and sometimes, even whether the driver is wearing the seatbelt. In some systems, two-way communications are available, which is helpful. Some companies offer a discount of 15% for installing these devices. However, this is going to be a monthly expenditure if you choose to install it. To learn even more about these insurance policies visit

Do rate check annually

Always keep checking the rate in other companies. Do not stick to one or two companies. Insurance rates keep changing, and there are generous discounts available. Do your research and get the best deal.

Set the correct deducible

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Setting the correct deducible helps you save a lot of money. If you feel like your monthly expenditures cause a lot of trouble because of the insurance, you can always go for a higher deductible. A higher deductible means you have to pay a lot at the time of the accident, but you don’t have to spend much monthly. A higher deductible especially suits families that have responsible teens.

Get a safe insurer

You need to check your policy carefully. That is the only way you can avoid getting scammed. It is better to go for well-reputed insurance companies. Fake insurers are mostly aimed at young drivers. So you need to be careful. Remember that your insurer needs to be authorized and regulated by the FCA( Financial Conduct Authority).

Choose the cover according to your comfort

You can go for fully comprehensive insurance if you struggle to replace your car is written in an accident. If you’re using a vehicle that doesn’t cost a fortune, you can go for third party insurance. However, fully comprehensive insurance costs less than third party insurance.

Try to lower your insurance risk

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Keep a clean driving record by having no accidents and no claims or points on your license. Try to drive less because of the lower the mileage, the cheaper the insurance is. Remember, insurance companies charge more for expensive cars with rare parts and suppose a significantly modified engine. Hence, going for cheap cars is a better option. You should try to add a driver as your second driver. You should choose carefully.

Try to push down the cost

There are a few ways by which you can try to cut down on the cost.

  • Get your name on the policy of other people as the second driver to enjoy benefits. Remember that the criteria for being a second driver are to be more than twenty-five years of age and to have a good driving record.
  • Try to avoid paying through monthly installments. This is because insurers often take interests which involve quite a lot of money.
  • Pay an excess amount to lower your premium. But you need to remember that, if you make a claim, then you need to pay a large sum of money all by yourself.

Go for ‘pay when you drive’ and ‘pay as you drive’ policies

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The ‘pay as you drive’ policy records your braking, speed, and duration of driving to check how you are as a driver. The company then charges you based on that, every 90 days. The insurance price varies based on how well you’re driving. The ‘pay when you drive’ policy, on the other hand, checks your mileage and time of going. These policies are pretty new and come with competent pricing.

Selecting the perfect insurance for your teenager is important. You should invest ample time in the selection process to get the best car insurance out there.