Can a Hard Mattress Cause Insomnia?

For many people, an uncomfortable bed is the bane of their existence. But is that really what’s causing our sleepless nights? A study published in the journal Sleep found that people who sleep on hard surfaces are more likely to experience insomnia. This is because a hard mattress restricts blood circulation and can put pressure on your spine, leading to tension headaches and other body pains. If you’re having trouble sleeping or feel pain when you lie down, it might be time to switch to a softer mattress. You can also try sleeping on your left side or adopting certain bedtime rituals to help you relax and fall asleep.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a problem with falling asleep or staying asleep. It can be a persistent difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep for six months or more. Up to 50% of people have trouble sleeping at some point in their lives. It can interfere with your day-to-day activities, including work, school, and relationships. Insomnia is a common reason people visit the doctor.

There are many different types of insomnia, and most people have more than one type. Some types of insomnia are caused by problems like anxiety, stress, or depression, while other types are caused by physical disorders like chronic pain or dementia. It can also be caused by medications, alcohol use, or recreational drugs. There is no cure for insomnia, but there are treatments that can help you get better sleep.

Can a hard mattress cause insomnia?

If you’re finding it hard to get to sleep on your old mattress, there may be a good reason. A recent study found that people who have a soft mattress are more likely to experience insomnia. The study participants were asked about their quality of sleep using a questionnaire and then evaluated for soft or hard mattresses. The results showed that people who slept on a softer model were more likely to report poor sleep quality, while those who slept on a harder mattress reported better sleep quality. This suggests that the hardness of your mattress is related to how well you sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping because of your bed, consider switching to a softer one.

Types of mattresses


There are a few different types of mattresses available on the market, and each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. For details, check Here’s a look at some of the most popular types:

  • Springs and coils: These are probably the most common type of mattress out there, and for good reason. Springs and coils provide a lot of comfort by providing pressure relief along your spine. They’re also relatively affordable, so they’re a good option if you’re on a tight budget. However, springs and coils can be a bit noisy when you move around in bed, so they may not be ideal if you want to sleep in silence.
  • Memory foam is one of the most popular types of mattresses because it provides incredible comfort and support. It contours to your body like no other material, which means it supports your whole body evenly. Plus, memory foam is very durable, so it can last for years without showing any signs of wear or tear. However, memory foam is fairly expensive compared to other mattress types, so it may not be practical if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Quilted cotton mattresses are another great option if you’re looking for something affordable but comfortable. They’re made from multiple layers of cotton fabric that are tightly quilted together to create an incredibly soft surface. They are generally less dense than other types of mattresses, which makes them lightweight and easy to move around. However, they don’t provide as much support as other types of mattresses, so they may not be ideal if you need a lot of spine support.
  • Innerspring mattresses are a bit more expensive than other types of mattresses, but they’re definitely worth the investment. They are made from coils of metal that are wrapped around a gas or foam core. This combination provides tons of support and durability, plus it’s extremely comfortable because the coils bounce back and forth instead of sitting in one spot like on a spring mattress. In addition, they tend to be very noise-free, which is an important consideration if you want to sleep in peace

Factors to consider



Not only does the right mattress feel good on your body, but it should also be comfortable for you to sleep on for many years. Consider your sleeping style and anatomy, and select one that will support your spine and joints

Material and construction

Mattress materials can vary widely in terms of comfort and durability. Some options, like memory foam, are made from multiple layers of soft materials that contour to your body. Other mattresses are made from solid pieces of wood or steel that are heavy and may not be as climate-friendly. Be sure to read reviews before making a purchase.

Price tags and warranty information

Don’t forget the price tag! A high-quality mattress can be expensive, but it’s worth it if you’re going to get maximum restful sleep over time. Some warranties offer additional protections, such as coverage against bedbugs or allergens.

How to get a good night’s sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep is important for both your health and your productivity. Here are some tips to help do just that:

  • Make sure your room is dark, quiet, and cool. Temperatures below 68 degrees F can cause trouble sleeping.
  •  Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed. Both of these substances can disrupt your sleep patterns.
  • Establish a regular sleep schedule. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day helps regulate your body’s natural rhythm and promotes better sleep.
  • Practice relaxation techniques before bed, such as deep breathing exercises or visualization exercises. These tricks help reduce anxiety and stress levels which can interfere with quality sleep.


If you’re experiencing trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, it might be time to take a look at your mattress. A hard mattress can cause problems with rest and can even lead to insomnia, according to a study published in the journal Neurology. To make sure you’re getting the best possible night’s sleep, try out some of our favorite soft mattresses.

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