Should You Buy A Betta Fish If You Are A Beginner?

Betta fish commonly known as Siamese fighting fish is a very famous freshwater resident adopted in many households. They are commonly known for their eye-catching colourful tails that look exquisite while swimming in the aquariums. They are territorial and cannot be housed together with other fishes in the same tank.

Betta fish as a pet for beginners can be somewhat difficult but with a proper guide, you can easily pet them in your house. In this article, you will get insights into several factors that will help you to determine whether beginners should buy betta fish or not.

Factors to consider before buying a Betta fish for beginners

1. Big-sized aquarium


Betta fish can get bored if kept in a smaller tank. They require larger space to swim happily. If you are planning to pet them then you will have to buy a big-sized aquarium to provide them with enough space for swimming. If you are a beginner then ensure that the aquarium can hold a minimum of 10 gallons of water.

You can also buy a bigger water tank if you have enough space in your house and add aquarium plants to provide your betta fish with a natural environment. Beginners usually tend to keep more fish so a big-sized aquarium will provide enough space for all your fish. Though a separate dedicated water tank is always recommended for a betta fish.

2. Temperature and water level

Temperature is a very important factor to consider before buying betta fish. They cannot survive long in cold water. So, you must buy a heater to the temperature of your aquarium. The ideal temperature for them to stay healthy and survive longer is between 75°F to 80° F.

They are highly sensitive and take time to adapt to a different environment. Hence, try to maintain a constant warm temperature and ensure that the water parameters are the same. A good quality heater will allow you to regulate the temperatures easily and are safe for aquariums.

Also, Siamese fishes belong to the anabantoidei order. That means they have a special organ that prevents them from breathing underwater. Hence, you must maintain the water levels so you can provide ample space for your fish to breathe.

3. The right food for your betta


You can feed your betta fish with a variety of food that is high in protein. To keep them healthy you must feed them with a regulated diet with variations in food. Pellets are ideal for your betta and meet all the nutritional requirements but you must occasionally feed them with Brine shrimp and Bloodworms.

This acts as a natural diet and keeps them healthy for a longer period. Small insects are also a good supplement for them but frozen or dried food is always recommended to prevent parasite breakout. Overfeeding is a common mistake beginners make which is not good for their health. Hence, use tweezers to avoid feeding your fish excessive food.

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4. Tap water can be harmful

Most beginners make the mistake of putting their fish in tap water. Water running through the tap can be healthy for you but it’s harmful to fishes. Tap water is treated with chlorine and other chemicals to kill pathogens and other bacteria that make them fresh and drinkable for humans.

But betta fish are sensitive and their natural habitat is to live in river water. The chemicals in tap water can be harmful to them. You can either keep tap water overnight so the chemicals can evaporate or add a conditioner to get rid of the chemicals from the tap water.

5. Common diseases


It is important to be aware of all the common diseases in Betta fish so you can easily identify them and take precautions to prevent them. This will widen the knowledge of beginners and help them to pet other fishes as well. diet

Fin rot, Ich, Cotton fin fungus, and other bacterial infections are some common diseases. Since these fishes have bigger fins so most of the diseases are related to their fins or tails. The symptoms include damaged fins, white marks on their body, white cotton wool-like spots on their body and fins and lastly inflamed scales, cloudy eyes, fatigue and insufficient energy resulting in abnormal swimming.

This can be a result of an imbalanced or a weak immune system. With a proper diet and medicines, you can easily treat them and make them healthy again.

6. Common healthy signs

Fishes need the same attention and care to make them live for long. You need to know if your pets are healthy or not. Like other pets, fishes also show signs that will help you to determine the proper growth and healthy development in them.

Healthy signs in Betta fish include vibrant colourful colours in their fins and tails, large eye-catching elegant flowing fins, quick and fast movements, good appetite, quick response to interactions, and proper healthy swimming. Beginners need to keep a constant check for these signs and take necessary measures to keep them healthy.

7. Identifying healthy betta fish while buying


Beginners usually get fooled by pet storekeepers and end up buying fish with deformities or some other issues. Betta is expensive as compared to other freshwater fishes and you must be able to identify if they are healthy or not without any deformity while buying them.

To know if they are healthy or not if they consider their current habitat and environment they are kept in. The next thing to consider is the water and the aquarium is well maintained and the fish shows all the healthy signs mentioned above.

Check the scales and fins, ensure that they are vibrant and smooth with large colourful fins. Ensure that there are no marks or abrasions on their body and their eyes look clear and bright. Always go to a popular and credible pet store so you can pick a healthy fish for your aquarium.

The Bottom-line

Betta fish can be difficult to pet and are only recommended for beginners if you have a diverse knowledge of freshwater fishes and a keen interest in adopting them. Bettas are sensitive and need more care and attention. Consider these factors before buying a betta fish for your aquarium.

Bogdan Radicanin
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