Ultimate Bumper Pool Table Buying Guide 2024

Bumper pool is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining games you could ever play with friends. It resembles a conventional pool but employs many other elements from various other games.

For example, a large part of the bumper pool is the bumpers. These don’t exist in the conventional pool and never will. But the bumpers serve a key role in the game; they’re there to make things more interesting. These bumpers are carefully and strategically placed on the table to serve as obstacles.

This is one of the biggest differences between the bumper and the conventional pool. But another clear difference is the table itself. And the table in the bumper pool is exactly what we’ll be talking about in this article. Don’t go anywhere as we’re here to give you our bumper pool buying guide.

Bumper Pool Table Buying Guide

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The first thing to address is the various types of tables out there. There are four in total and they are:

• Standard

The standard size is the usual eight-feet wide and the most popular one out there. You will regularly see this variation of tables in homes, bars, and other locations.

It serves the purpose of entertaining everyone, from beginners to experts. It’s because of this that the standard size is the most popular one.

But the standard size is also popular amongst trick shooters. Since the bumper pool has lots of obstacles for you to avoid, it makes it a perfect opportunity for those that are into the trick shooting.

Trick shooting brings bumper pool to a whole another level. The very best in the game do it, and the standard table size is their battling grounds.

• Large

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The large size variation ranges nine feet and isn’t recommended for beginners or casual players. Instead, it’s the pros that mostly play on it. Although it is significantly less popular than the standard size, the larger table is used for bumper pool tournaments.

Due to its sheer size, it takes a fair amount of skill to know where and how to hit the ball to make the most out of your shot. You also have to be pretty flexible to be able to extend your arms and keep them level over such a long distance.

But another factor that doesn’t make this table such appealing to the general public is the price. Larger bumper pool tables are more expensive than any other, so very few people choose to buy it.

Add to the fact that it is more difficult to play on a larger size, and you got a less popular variation. This variation is best for eight or nine-ball.

• Bar

Conveniently named the bar, this table size is best for casual players that want to play some bumper pool over a seven-foot-long table.

The significantly shorter distance between the ends of the table makes it perfect for beginners and shorter players. But the shorter space also makes it trickier to hit your shots.

Another problem with this variation is the fact that some of the balls might be disproportionately sized than the others. The cue ball is the best example we could give you. The cue ball is larger than the others, which might play into your hands or against you. Whenever buying a bar table, make sure to always check the size of the cue ball.

If you’re interested in the best bumper pool tables out there, then make sure to read this article for more details.

As a general tip for when playing on a bar table, always play aggressively in the early game as you need to take more shots to make the most out of the situation.

• Mini

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The mini variation is the least popular size of bumper pool tables. That’s because no one wants to play in a small area filled with obstacles.

With that said, the mini table is best for children that want to have fun. These tables are made shorter to accommodate children. Pros and adults aren’t welcomed as you’ll end up hurting your back from all the leaning.

But, newer models can accommodate heights up to five feet, and that has made the mini variation very popular amongst trick shooters. If there is anything a trick shooter loves more than playing on a huge field, it is playing on a smaller field.

The smaller size makes things more challenging for the player, and that’s something trick players welcome with open arms.

Also, mini tables are perfect for smaller apartments and condos where there isn’t any room for playing a standard table.

Does Size Matter?

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Size really does matter when it comes to the game. However, even the standard size of the table is wrongly interpreted. To put it simply, there is no standard size. What you play is what you play. Each player has its own preference when it comes to size, and that is standard for them. There is no golden rule when it comes to size, but the size is important.

Size is important because it is inherently connected with the price. A bigger table will always be more expensive than a smaller one. A bigger table is also more demanding and takes a much bigger space.
Since the bumper pool isn’t like a conventional pool in terms of professional sport, size is important because we usually play it in bars or at home.

And if we don’t have space to put a large table, then we might have to opt for a smaller one. When it comes to size-specific tables, there are predominantly three that we would like to mention.

• Seven-Foot Bar

The most standard bar table out there, the seven-foot bar, is a classic that you’ll find everywhere you go.

• Eight-Foot Standard

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This is the standard when it comes to well… standard tables, and is very much the most popular table out there.

• Nine-Foot Professional

The table where pros play, the nine-foot professional is perfect for long shots and ball positioning.

The bumper pool might still be a relatively young game, but that doesn’t stop it from developing.