How to Tell If You Have a Bitcoin Miner Virus – 2024 Guide

It is not a secret that advanced technology has changed the world. An excellent example of that is cryptocurrencies. People now have the chance to use the modern payment method in many online stores. Bitcoin, logically, is the most popular one in the world. If you are actively following the latest crypto news, you know that Bitcoin’s value has jumped a lot from the beginning of this year.
Trading Bitcoin successfully is not an easy task. You can’t expect to become rich over the night in that way. Becoming a successful trader requires hard work, patients, and skills. The good news is that you live in the world of online technology. Internet is full of valuable pieces of information that can help you reach your goal. There are websites like where you can gather some important tips all Bitcoin traders should know.

Yet, trading is not the only way to improve your financial stability. Many people would rather decide on mining. If you are one of those people, there is something we should tell you. All the miners need to prepare for the issues they will potentially have to deal with. One of those issues is the Bitcoin miner virus. Unfortunately, many beginners do not even know that these viruses exist. Because of that, we would like to introduce you to it with some valuable pieces of information. Let’s get started.

Before Everything – What Exactly Is Bitcoin Miner Virus

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Bitcoinminer is not the name of only one virus. It covers different types of crypto-mining viruses. Of course, you probably think only Bitcoin miners are the target of that virus. However, that is not quite correct. It can be equally damaging for all the miners in the world. That is the reason why you may find some other names that refer to the same malware. However, they all talk about the same thing.

As you know, mining Bitcoins on a single personal computer is no longer possible. That is the reason why only strong companies can afford to complete the process successfully. They have the necessary amount of money to purchase suitable equipment. However, imagine what damage the virus of that type can cause if it appears in one of the systems. The companies would, in that case, mining cryptocurrencies and investing their time without any results.

Fighting against viruses is not impossible. Unfortunately, the miners often do not even notice they are a victim of Bitcoin Miner virus. That is the reason why you need to learn how to recognize when something like that happens.

The Way How the Virus Spreads

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Before we get to the main point, you also need to understand how the virus spreads. Fortunately, there is no big difference between Bitcoin Miner Virus and any other virus. For example, you download a file from the Internet that contains the virus. When the file gets into your computer, your system gets infected as well.

That is the reason why we recommend to all the miners to carefully choose the websites where they will download stuff. The prevention is not different compared to the one that we have been using for years. Despite that, always update your anti-virus program, and use only the reliable ones. If you need to invest some money to subscribe to the advanced version, don’t hesitate to do that.

Finally – How to Tell If You Have a Bitcoin Miner Virus

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Noticing the Bitcoin Miner virus is not a challenging process. In many cases, miners discover them too late. That is the reason why we recommend you keep an eye on the most common symptoms.

The virus primarily influences the speed of the device you are using for mining. You will easily notice that your CPU starts to work slower. Mining requires a lot of power and strength. That is the reason why we believe you will easily notice that change. However, when miners notice that, they do not believe the virus attached to the system. They will start thinking something else is happening to their equipment. As we said, they realize the issue too late. In the meantime, the virus sometimes damages the hardware as well from the inside. We believe it is something every participant would want to avoid that.

Slow CPU is not the only symptom you will notice. As we said, mining activity requires a lot of power and strength. However, that doesn’t mean your PC can shut down from time to time from overheating. We don’t want to say the virus is the only reason why something like that is happening. Because of that, react promptly, and try to find the reason why you have that problem. Yet, if you see everything is fine, that could mean the virus is responsible for overheating.

Noticing these symptoms is not challenging at all. Yet, the miners need to react on time if they want to avoid any type of damage.

2 Types of Bitcoin Miner Viruses

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Mining professionals should know that there are two types of Bitcoin Miner Viruses. Their names are Adware Virus and Browser-Based virus. We would like to analyze them both.


The first target of Adware Virus is the RAM of the system. The virus manages to attack the code lines inside the RAM, which makes it extremely dangerous. Despite that, they have the capacity to turn off the anti-virus tool we are using. That is the reason why Adware Virus is not always noticeable to the user. In some cases, the overheating or speed changes are not going to happen immediately.


Browser-Based Viruses are the most common ones in the crypto world. Hackers use them to enter our system and take control of it. The way how hackers complete their job successfully is clear. The impact the WordPress platform through the database and insert the code into it. That is the reason why you need to turn on your anti-virus. However, even that is not going to be enough. We recommend you avoid visiting unprotected websites. In that way, you will be sure your safety is at the highest level.