Things To Know About Bitcoin Energy Consumption

Bitcoins are the most earned cryptocurrency in the world. But the energy it consumes is a matter of concern. Many people don’t know about it. If you are in a similar situation, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share some things that everyone should know about bitcoin energy consumption.

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Bitcoin energy consumption seems like a small thing to most people. But, in reality, it is a big concern because of high carbon-dioxide emissions. The pollution levels have also increased in the past few years, and bitcoin energy consumption also contributes. Sometimes, it becomes challenging for people to understand the relation between electricity and digital coins. Let’s not waste any more time and discuss more things about it.

How is bitcoin mining related to energy consumption?


If you plan to invest in virtual coins, you must know this before deciding. Energy consumption and mining go hand in hand. In other words, it will be impossible for you to mine coins without electricity.  Here are some points that will help you understand it precisely-

  • Mining needs advanced computers: Bitcoin mining is impossible without advanced computers. These advanced devices also consume more electricity. According to some studies, the overall energy for mining begins from 78TWh to 101TWh. So, you can analyze how much electricity is being used in the entire process.
  • A high carbon-dioxide release: As more energy is used in creating bitcoins, a high amount of carbon dioxide is also released. That is why the overall carbon footprint is pretty surprising to know. One transaction releases around 300kg of carbon dioxide, which is a cause of concern. Almost all the environmentalists suggest people not waste their time mining because it will damage the environment in the future. People are still unaware of this fact, and they continue to do the same without thinking about it much.
  • An increased carbon footprint: The carbon footprint should be limited to prevent the environment from damages. You will be astonished to know the total carbon footprint due to bitcoin transactions and mining. It is almost 90.2 million metric tons. Studies show that if people continue to participate in it for an extended period, the environment will deteriorate quickly.Miners should consider this before mining for long hours. Sometimes, you have to focus on balanced mining to protect the mother earth. If you take care of these things, you might also keep your carbon footprint limited.
  • Demand for advanced devices: As mentioned before, mining is impossible with advanced machines. Due to this, the need for advanced computers has increased nowadays. That is why companies are manufacturing them in a large number to make people want them. With more manufacturing, the cabin footprint also goes up. It further contributes to increasing the overall pollution levels.


Apart from that, the resources needed for making these advanced devices are not present in abundance. It is one of the reasons why these devices are expensive for most people. You might also think twice before buying any computer, and it depends on your budget.

Is there a way to reduce the overall energy consumption from bitcoin?

It is a pretty challenging question to answer whether it is possible to reduce the overall energy consumption. But we are still going to clear your doubts regarding the same.

We cannot say that bitcoin mining will change in a few years and not consume electricity. There are still some methods to spread awareness about the same. People must learn about the effects of bitcoin usage. The following strategies might be beneficial to follow to protect the environment from deterioration.

  • More restrictions on mining: One method that the governments of every country can use to help reduce the carbon footprint from bitcoin is by putting some barriers. You might already know that every country has different rules and regulations regarding digital currencies. It depends on the government about the decisions it takes to protect the environment from damage.

As the government puts more restrictions, people mining digital coins will also decrease. In this way, the overall carbon dioxide release will not be severe. The levels of carbon dioxide will get better after a few years. So, it is one of the most convenient methods to decrease energy consumption.


  • Awareness about energy consumption: If miners don’t know anything about the damage of mining to the environment, it will not help. One must encourage more people to think about the harmful effects of using digital coins. It has become easier to spread the word through social media platforms.

Also, note that you need to research a lot before doing it. It is always better to understand the environment’s current condition due to its high carbon footprint. Once you do the same, more people will like to interact with you and share their views.

  • Ban on bitcoins: If a particular country is already suffering from an environmental crisis, the government should ban the use of digital currencies. Why? Because it is also contributing to the high levels of carbon dioxide. If there are positive results after it, the government should continue the same until pollution levels go down.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoins and their usage consume a lot of electric energy. Only a few people are aware of this fact. You can also decrease the overall amount of carbon footprint. We hope this article was informative enough to let you know how bitcoin is rated to energy consumption. You might have found out more things about energy consumption from the above information.