Top 5 Biggest Casinos in Australia in 2024

Since the early days of human civilization, gambling has been a very dominant part of everyday life. Humans recognized all the good sides of gambling early on, realizing it is fun as well as potentially rewarding. Over the centuries, gambling grew and changed alongside traditions and cultures, but the core concept has not changed that much to this day.

In the modern world, two of the most popular forms of gambling include either traditional brick and mortar casinos or online casinos. Online casinos have gained a lot of prominence in the last few years and they are now bigger than ever. On the other hand, the world’s gambling capital of Las Vegas is no longer alone when it comes to gambling cities and hubs. For example, Australia is one of the rising gambling countries in which online casinos and magnificent casino resorts are thriving.

No longer are most avid gamblers rushing to places like Las Vegas or Macau, especially those half a world away. Over the last few decades, Australia has managed to emerge as a brand new destination for all sorts of gambling. The country has recognized the mindboggling potential and the revenue gambling brings in. They integrated it within their wide tourism industry as well, building stunning casino resorts eerily similar to those in Vegas.

As a result, millions of Australians and millions of tourists looking for the best Australia has to offer are flocking to the new casinos. In this article, we will explore the five best and biggest casinos in Australia you should visit in 2024. If you are interested in the expanding online gambling industry in the country, make sure to check this site.

Biggest Casinos in Australia

1. The Crown, Melbourne


The most popular and widely famous casino in Australia is The Crown, located in the great city of Melbourne. The amazing casino has a strong reputation. This resort is officially the biggest casino in Australia, as well as the biggest playroom in the Southern Hemisphere. Furthermore, because of these achievements, it is also one of the biggest casinos in the entire world. Who would have thought that Australia is its home? There are three hotel towers on the property, for a total of 1604 rooms ranging from basic rooms to luxury suites. Overall, the hotel/casino has all of the same luxuries and commodities as the best Las Vegas gambling powerhouses. In total, there are 3500 poker machines, 400 tables with 40 unique card and roulette games, 50 poker tables, and much more. This is a must-visit place for any gambler.

2. The Crown, Perth


Considering how successful the first casino resort in Melbourne proved to be, the owners quickly made the decision to expand. This resulted in another one of The Crown gambling heavens, this one located in the tourist-favorite city of Perth. Since its older Melbourne cousin soared to tremendous fame rather quickly, Perth became the first of the many planned Crown branches. Although somewhat smaller, it is still a dominant presence in the Australian, and world, gambling market. There is a total of 2000 poker machines inside, dozens of unique games on about 220 game tables, and a plethora of specialized electronic gambling machines and slots at every corner. Except for gambling, it is a luxurious hotel as well, very popular for regular tourists not looking to gamble. Two separate hotels are present, as well as fifteen different restaurants and sixteen bars in total. Whatever corner you find yourself into, you will be able to eat and drink some delicious food and beverages. The Crown in Perth is definitely worthy of second place.

3. The Star


Moving away from The Crown franchise, the next casino resort on the list is The Star, a place of pure luxury and grandeur located in New South Wales. Every inch of every building is covered in glitter and lights, keeping well in line with its name. It is considerably smaller in the accommodation area when compared to the other two above it. It only has 351 rooms and 130 suites, but all of them are designed and decorated in a way to appear to the most sophisticated of tastes. When playrooms are in question, The Star can easily compete with the best of them. There are 1500 poker machines inside, 30 unique games available on over 200 tables, and exactly 30 dedicated tables for poker. It has everything, no matter if you are a beginner gambler looking to feel the rush or a pro who wants to play big and win big. Moreover, you will never go hungry nor thirsty, since thirteen restaurants and eight bars there for your every need.

4. Jupiters Hotel And Casino


While the other parts of Australia already joined in on the gambling craze, Queensland was a bit hesitant and therefore hoped on the train a bit later. Despite the late contribution to the gambling industry, Jupiters Hotel And Casino quickly compensated for everything that may have been lost thanks to its amazing offer. For those looking to spend a few nights in luxury and hedonism, 594 rooms are available in the hotel. For the foodies out there, there are five restaurants offering multicultural cuisine where you can eat anything from top-of-the-line comfort and junk food to national specialties. Once you are rested and full, make your way to the playroom and try your luck at one of 1400 poker machines, 70 tables with various games, or at one of the dedicated poker tables. The hotel and casino will make you feel special and you will definitely leave still overwhelmed with its bright lists and the amazing offer.

5. Treasury Casino & Hotel


Lastly, we have to visit the beautiful city of Brisbane and its spectacular Treasury Casino & Hotel. If you are strictly looking for gambling and fun, and do not really care for the hotel part of your desired gambling resort, this is the place for you. The hotel does not have a lot of accommodation space as it only offers 128 luxury rooms, but the casino area more than makes up for it. If you like table games, there are 80 different tables for you to choose from all over the casino playroom. Furthermore, 1300 poker machines exist so you will never have to wait for your turn. Slot machines and roulette fans will be satisfied too. Dining options are definitely worth trying, and the bars are always ready to provide the guests with some tasty cocktails.

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