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Photography skills are required for marriage. The image’s “simple mastery” won’t suffice as the alliance of relationships, patience, and precision will make it more enjoyable. These are the keys I used to begin the photo reports intended to document and immortalize the beautiful day, which symbolizes the union of two entities …

How Do You Start Wedding Photography?

A certain level of mastery in the art of photography is essential before you start a business. It is crucial to be able to manage mood photos, portraits, ceremonies. To help you, contact a professional in this field and ask him to accompany you.

After you have mastered these essentials, make sure to check in with your friends and family for potential marriages. Your services can be offered at a reasonable price. You will need to present a portfolio that highlights your most notable achievements. You will be able to attract strangers by covering the unions between your relatives.


A Meeting With The Future Bride And Groom

It will be necessary to arrange meetings with people involved to test their skills and feelings. To seduce those interested, it is essential to show professionalism while also being philanthropic. You are not the only one in this market. Update your book by presenting your best work and detailing your pricing (preferably a paper book, which is more inviting and pleasant to look at).

Prepare a speech to defend the unique and positive points you can bring to the event. End the session by leaving a card or copy of your work.

What Equipment Should I Equip?

Wedding photography requires concentration. You will be working in harsh conditions all day. You will have little time to yourself and be in high demand. To respond quickly to every situation, I recommend zoom lenses with large apertures.

Which Nikon cameras are you using?


  • Nikon D600: My first full-frame camera was the D600. Its 24MP resolution and exciting increase in ISO were the main reasons I chose it. I found the “entry-level professional” role that this box held to be quite attractive. I currently use it as a second lens with my 24-70mm F2.8 lens. To save time at the ceremonies, I selected two boxes. My D800 covers a 24 to 200 mm area with the 70-200mm lens.
  • Nikon D800: The Nikon D800 was my choice because of its resolution and ability to increase ISO. I didn’t consider the burst an important criterion when purchasing the D800. Instead, I chose to concentrate on the 36 MP resolution offered by the box. This allows me to zoom in and crop the image to see the details.
  • Nikon D3200: This newly purchased camera is being used in an automated photo booth. It can be used to take photos in a studio.

Which Nikon Lens?


  • 14-24mm F2.8: I use this lens very lightly in marriage. It allows me to capture wide shots in churches and town halls. It also allows me to show the architecture at the various reception venues. It can also be used for large group photos when I have limited space.
  • 24-70mm F2.8 is one of my closest friends. I have the first generation 24-70MM F2.8. It gives me a wide-angle with zoom start. It is excellent for capturing the background’s details, and I often use it in an intense field.
  • 70-200mm F2.8: This lens is inevitable. This telephoto lens is perfect for portraiture. I can frame my subjects close to make beautiful portraits. Its aperture is F2.8, and I can get F4 stunning photos. The depth of field is very shallow, which allows my gaze to focus on the subject. My entire park was chosen for its ability to work in dim light. I can work in the darkest corners, thanks to F2.8.


  • Preparations


This is an important step. These moments will require you to help the individuals with their hairstyles, dressing up, and rehearsal of the speech. It also corresponds to the time of relaxation. You can’t be taken by time, so make the most of it and take stunning pictures that will enhance your work.

Talk to people around you to calm them down and relax the atmosphere. You will see the smiles of the people around you marry. The pictures will look more natural and elegant.

  • The Ceremonies

These are the moments that require concentration. These moments alternate between human contact and speech. Each entry, speech and gesture are carefully orchestrated and timed. Remember to focus your lens on the action’s heart and capture its essence with pinpoint precision.

  • Inspiration Session


Every marriage is unique. It is essential to adjust your vision to the various factors that go into each day, especially the crucial moment known as the “couple session.” You can renew yourself, try something new, and take risks sailing to unexplored places. Every week some challenges give us the motivation and inspiration to create beautiful images every weekend.

Rendering Photos And Videos

It is a good idea to give your newlyweds the photos after you have mastered the art of retouching them. It is possible to create an online gallery and give them an album with the best images you have captured. The professional image will remain strong and will leave a lasting impression. It is essential to make a lasting impression in this environment. Word of mouth can travel very quickly.

It’s easy to find professional photographers for your event with Schmittat. The photographer will return your money when you receive the photos.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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