6 Best Street Art in the World

Street art has been emerging and gaining more attraction for a few decades and is favorable among artists as well as art lovers for the freedom of expression it offers. It is often depicted to convey a message- either political or social. It may be signed or can go unsigned by the creator of this art.

In most cases, it goes unsigned and is sometimes vandalized when drawn without permission. Street art goes alongside Graffiti art but is more popular because of the variety of subjects it offers in comparison with graffiti art.

Street art is a genre of painting that can be found on walls and bridges throughout the world. It typically features simple, stylized images with strong colors to highlight certain aspects such as people or animals in relief against plain backgrounds; these are often referred ̓to by artists who create them using traditional media like oil paint (or other types). Street-artist’s work amounts annually over $2 billion dollars per year – making it one if not THE largest bracket within contemporary outsider/vernacular arts today!

Message Conveyed

Another form of street art known among artists is depicting the street scenarios in different weather conditions and places. The message it delivers is sometimes direct and clear or indirect, depending on the depth and intensity of the artist. Its history traces back to the neolithic times when it was done on walls of caves and had been evolving ever since.

Some street artworks go unsigned and create a mystery around the artist behind their intention of depicting the artwork. Many a time, it is aroused by political dissatisfaction conveying a strong message through the artwork. The best part is it offers maximum creativity for its subjects and is therefore loved. Few famous street artworks by known artists are depicted below.

1. Paris-Street-Rainy-Weather-1877 by Gustave-Caillebotte

Source: pablogarcia.org

This painting is a famous artwork by the renowned artist Gustave Calliebotte and is known for its picture-perfect depiction straight out of a freshly taken picture from a camera roll. The artist has portrayed a few human figures as entering the frame whereas, a few of them leave the picture.

The scenario is that of rainy weather wherein people are in a hurry to rush to their destinations in place of getting drenched in the pouring rain. The buildings and people with umbrellas are aptly depicted, but the highlights of the picture are a couple well dressed with the lady adorned in a fur coat, veil, and hat, whereas the man wears a frock coat with an upturned collar, top hat, bow tie and waistcoat.

The picture is aptly divided into two halves by the lamp post, which makes the near and far clear with a glance. The beautiful scene is of a winter afternoon caught upon by rain.

2. Lesser Ury Street Scene

Source: invaluable.com

Ury was more interested in showcasing streets post-rain, and his above artwork is an example of the same concept. It is a busy hour in the day, and despite the rainfall, cars are rushing with people walking in groups under umbrellas to avoid getting wet because of rain. The dim light effects make it difficult to see the interiors of the car.

3. Jacques-Carabain/View-Of-Queen-Street-Auckland

Source: artsandculture.google.com

These were the times when mountains and greens were mainly sketched as per the trends. Carabine has tried to portray something more realistic, taking an aerial view of the picture.

The two iconic buildings- the red one being the Victoria Arcade facing the clock tower of New Zealand Insurance Company, stand as promising monuments of urban developments. These were the major attractions in Auckland during those times. The horse carts flood the streets at a close distance from each other.

4. John Singer Sargent Street in Venice 2

Source: publitas.com

Sargent was known for his bold brush strokes and attention to detail drawings. In this piece, he has portrayed a couple outside the bar deep in conversation with each other. On the other hand, a girl is passing by, avoiding the gaze of the two men. Sargent clearly shows that the girl is in a hurry and conscious of the men staring and avoids them keeping her gaze down.

He has also shown the broad steps taken while walking and how the girl pushes her dress with her feet. The bold brush strokes on her dress show his attention to detail in his artworks. This picture shows the irony of society and the displeasure over the way women were treated since those times.

5. John Atkinson Grimshaw Blackman Street, London

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

John Atkinson Grimshaw was known for the realism he showcased in his masterpieces. The streets of Blackman Street London in the given picture are highlighted by the lighting effects emitted by the lamp posts. The night scenario is vividly represented bustling with energetic people on foot and carriages.

Blackman street is now a part of Borough High Street. The Church of St. George, the Martyr, is also vividly represented here. The night doesn’t give an eerie feel but turns out beautiful because of the light effects.

6.  Edwin Lord Weeks A Street Market Scene, India

Source: cloudfront.net

Edwin Lord Weeks was a lover of traditional art and liked to capture the daily happenings in his artwork. The current scenario is that of two women talking to the pot seller. The man on a horse is shown to be in conversation with his fellow mate.

The distinct traditional Indian art is subjected, and their costumes, jewelry, and dressing style show his incredible observation power. The walls, doors, and windows of traditional India and its various cultural viewpoints shown here are truly captivating.


Street art is a form of public expression that can be found throughout many countries and cultural backgrounds. It’s most famous for its vibrant colors, which give life to otherwise dull streets by adding warmth in unexpected places where we might never expect them; but there’s so much more than just this one reason why people love street arts! These colors imbibe a sense of joy in our lives too. Artists put their sweat and blood over days to create a masterpiece.

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