8 Best Free Online Games To Fill Up Your Free Time

All of us experience some empty pockets of time in our lives that, as hard as we have tried, we are unable to avoid. These little spaces of free time can happen anywhere, like when we’re commuting, waiting for an appointment, or even at home after a long day. Many of us choose to fill that free time with various activities such as scrolling through social media, reading a book, and even napping. Truly, there are many ways to occupy those passing moments of time.What if we told you that you can fill your free time with entertaining and enjoyable games the next time you are bored? What is even better is that these PC games are totally free and you can play online at Gametop!

In addition, they contain no advertisements, no demos, and are verified to be virus-free too! If that sounds like a good time, read on to find out our list of the 8 best free online games that you can play to fill your free time!List of games:


Source: crazygames.com

Pacxon Deluxe is an addictive and free arcade-style game inspired by Pacman with unique gameplay. In this arcade game, the objective of each level is to fill up or capture at least 75% of the game board by zigzagging from wall to wall. In the meantime, avoid the ghosts, and do not let any of them touch you or the wall you build. You will lose a life if any of the ghosts touch you, so use all the information you have to avoid them! There are 50 challenging levels to keep your desire for content satiated! Each time players advance to the next level, it gets harder and harder with more ghosts wandering in the same game board at varying speeds and purposes. Keep your wits or you’ll fail immediately at this great game inspired by the pac man game!

There will also be fruits such as cherries, bananas, popsicles, and pills that will appear randomly on each level of the game to help you clear each Pacxon stage. They will also provide you with relevant information each time there are new lines or levels in this exciting free game! Play this game free unblocked and on full screen online! With no download needed, you won’t have to Google for any other online HTML5 game, and there is even no Flash player needed!

Super Bubbles

Super Bubbles is a fun and addictive bubble shooter online game! With multiple well-thought out levels that also serve as brain teasers, you will be trying your hardest to find the perfect angle to shoot your bubbles in order to match them well!

Also, there are multiple ways to solve each bubble shooter puzzle. Keep that in mind, as the highest score can only be attained with the least number of moves (or shots)! Can you strategize and plan ahead to make every bubble you shoot count?

No pressure even if you cannot attain the desired high score on your first try! At the end of every level, you can choose whether you want to redo it or not. Try your best and do not be afraid to experiment!

Color Fall

Color Fall is a relaxing puzzler that will train your logical thinking skills! It is a fun and cute game that requires you to pour the correct colored paint into its respective truck, and you can take your time to play around with the puzzles to figure out how to solve them.Color Fall is a captivating puzzle game in which everything revolves around colors. The purpose of this game is very simple – all you need to do is to Pin Pull the right to make the colors go to the right container. The only challenge is to pull them in the right order. It’s going to be extremely engaging and fun. The more stars you get, the more rewards you earn.

There is no time limit but each level has target points to proceed to the next level. Unlock high-powered pins to make your play more exciting and effective!

Hero Rescue

Source: yandex.com

Join the Hero Rescue to help the hero save the princess in the best pin rescue game. You have a task is pull the pin puzzle, and then kill monsters, rescue the princess and collect treasure The beautiful princess and golden treasure are waiting for you to rescue in the Hero Rescue game, let’s play now! Train your intelligence by playing the pull-the-pin puzzle game, just you can answer all our pin puzzles. Especially since this is a pin rescue game, you will find it fascinating and engaging from start to finish. In Hero Rescue, you will help the hero to rescue the princess from danger by solving a pin puzzle. Pull the pin and complete the task.

Rescue the princess, and search for treasure that will help you become the richest hero in history. Various missions await you in our pin rescue game. Kill demons, kill poisonous spiders, pass lava, search for treasure, let’s pull pins to save man or become a hero, save the princess. Show your wits by solving hundreds of challenging brain puzzles!

Car Rush

Test your driving skills in our awesome Car Rush driving game! Feel the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth as you drive your awesome open-topped sports car through the country roads around Beanotown!

Drive as quickly as you can to the checkpoint, trying not to hit other vehicles, trees, or road signs! If you run out of time, your drive is over! Crashing into other vehicles and going off the road will slow you down, so do your best not to crash! This is almost always good advice anyway! For maximum speed, stay on the road as going onto the grass will slow you down!

Filled Glass

Fill the glass with water to make him happy! Use the pencil tool and your knowledge of basic physics to guide the water into the glass. Draw a path so the water can flow into the glass. Fill it up to the dotted line using as little ink as possible to get 3 stars on each level. Play the exciting Filled Glass game online on your mobile phone, tablet or computer!

Neon Bricks

Source: cbc.ca

Neon Bricks is an arcade-style game where you can’t drop the ball. To reach your goal you need to destroy all the bricks! Destroy all the neon bricks and collect any falling power-ups to move to the next level. You get 3 lives to try to remove all of the neon-colored bricks. Try to complete all 200 levels in this fun online arcade game. Play the Neon Bricks game online on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer!

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is a game that is inspired by classic bubble shooter games, and is played with similar rules! It is also similar to a chain game or Zuma game, where a chain with colored balls runs around the central avatar.

Your task is to combine balls of the same color and break the chain. If you succeed before the chain reaches its destination, you will reach the next level. In the basic version, we had The Sorcerer with 3 levels.

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