The Many Benefits of a Stadium Scoreboard – Enhancing the Sports Experience

Stadium scoreboards have been around for a long time. The modern-day scoreboard that we know today was first used in the 1890s at Harvard University. They have gone through a lot of changes since then.

They have gone from the manual type to the electronic type and then to todays with LED lights and all different types of gadgets. They not only show the score, but they will also advertise different products and show replays from the game. This keeps the crowd interested in the game and what is going on.

Scoreboards are used for all types of sports from baseball to football, and every other sport that you can think of. There are many benefits of a stadium scoreboard that include knowing the score of the game. There is also much more information that is given.

This article will help you to learn more about the benefits of the stadium scoreboard. It will help you to find out some information about them, as well. You can also do your own research and find out even more information.

Benefits of Stadium Scoreboards


  • Advertising – Stadium scoreboards are great for advertising. You can earn money for your team by allowing companies to advertise on your board. This will help with fundraising activities so that you don’t have to do as much.
  • Team Morale – There is a great intimidation factor in having a large scoreboard. This raises the home team’s morale because they want to appear intimidating. It is also a good way to show that the organization and its sponsors care about them.
  • Happy Fans – Scoreboards also make the fans happy by showing information that the fans want to see. It also helps the fans to be proud of their team, just as it helps the team. It helps the fans to know that the organization cares about them and the team.
  • Power of Bringing New Fans – If a person comes to a game for the first time, they might not be fans yet. Watching the scoreboard while watching the game will help to make them new fans of the team. This can help the team to draw more attention to themselves and bring in even more new fans.
  • Brings in Money – Besides advertising, a good scoreboard has the power to make you more money. There is more to the board than just scores and times, it has the power to bring in more fans. This will increase the revenue because there are more people paying ticket prices.
  • Entertainment – The newer electronic boards can provide entertainment throughout the game that is being watched. There are games and other things that can be displayed on the scoreboard that keep the fans entertained. This is especially helpful when there are long stretches of the game when there isn’t a lot of action.
  • Player Motivation – When the players see how much the organization cares about them, they will be motivated to play better. They will look more professional, so they will want to play more professionally. This helps the team as a whole, as well as the organization.
  • Organization Attention – Having a nice, new scoreboard also brings attention to the organization. If advertisers see how nice the board looks, they might be more likely to advertise on it. This, again, will bring more profits for the organization.
  • Fan Participation – Fans can interact with the electronic scoreboards in a variety of ways. There have been proposals, birthday wishes, and other important occasions that have been shown on the board. This also keeps the fans interested in the game and what else is going on.
  • Larger Scoreboards = More Intimidation – The larger the scoreboard, the more intimidation there is for the away team. This shows that your organization is better than theirs and that they are playing against a quality team. You want to intimidate the away team to make it easier for the home team to win.



There are many benefits to a new, electronic scoreboard for your team. There is definitely an intimidation factor. They are also good for fan interaction and fan entertainment. These make whatever game that the fans are watching to be more entertaining.

They are also very interactive with the game, showing scores, runs, fouls, and more information for the fans to watch. It is also fun to watch when people are proposing or to see if your birthday wish shows up. Scoreboards are an important part of the game for many reasons.

Scoreboards can also bring in revenue through advertising and marketing. Advertisers will pay a lot of money to see their brand on a nice scoreboard. It also brings in revenue from more fans that will show up to see the new scoreboard. These are all nice benefits that you will get from having a new, state-of-the-art scoreboard.

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