How To Become A Better Blog Writer In 10 Days – 2024 Guide

Writing articles for your blog can be difficult, especially if you are a beginner. What do you need to take care of to make your article attractive to people – and how to rank it on Google at the same time? We’ll try to reveal some of the secrets of this job. Here’s how to become a better blog writer in just 10 days.

Perfect Blogger Doesn’t Exist

The ideal process of starting and writing a blog is almost non-existent. Every blogger has some of his own combinations that suit him best. Although it is not always easy – don’t give up if you get stuck in some of the phases of writing. You just try to do the best you can and keep on going – that is, writing. When you’re starting a blog, the main rule is – better do it than strive for perfection. Also, for some people, this may take longer than just 10 days. It is very individual. Some of these steps require the right moment and inspiration. The only thing that matters – is that at the end of each day you are a little closer to the final goal. The goal is – publishing your blog post.

Is It Possible To Become A Better Blog Writer In A Short Time?

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A blog is a great opportunity to introduce yourself, no matter what you do. If you are the best at something or at least enjoy it to the maximum – share your passion with others. How can others know about you if you don’t tell them what you are and who you are – and don’t present your opportunities and successes to them? A blog can help you find a better job – or make extra money that will surely come in handy. Also, by writing you will develop and gain new acquaintances. But how do you improve your skills when it comes to blogging? You would like to do everything right away – but is that really possible? YES. In about 10 days you can do some things, learn, change, and fix. Here’s how to do it.

●      Define The Goal

Without having goals, and a plan on how to reach them – you are like in a labyrinth. Starting a blog is a project. And every project must have a goal – concrete, measurable, time-limited. Insert the selected goal into the calendar – as well as periodic milestones where you will regularly check if things are going according to plan. For projects like running a blog in 10 days – we suggest that this check is at the end of each day, and before planning the next.

●      Choose A Smart Blog Topic, Your USP

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Before you start blogging, decide what the blog will be about. If you are writing a blog, you need to take into account how you will present yourself, which is your so-called USP (unique selling point) that will set you apart from the crowd. What makes you special? So, it is optimal to consider what will be the main topic of your blog. Think of something that others will like.

●      Writing

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So, you have researched the topic and you’ve come up with the title of your article – and now all you have to do is write a text and you can relax. When it comes to writing content, there are two methods. The first is to start writing and finish writing at once. The second method is to write the text partially, with pauses. If you are new to writing, you may find it easier to type text partially. Also, when you are a beginner – you are bored with sitting in front of a computer for hours and typing. Like everything else, writing requires patience and practice. Unfortunately, no trick or shortcut will make writing easier for you. You just need to sit down, focus your attention – and start writing. The point is, the more you write, the easier it will be for you. Trust us, it is not difficult, when you get used to it and give yourself time – you will write articles with unprecedented speed.

●      Learn How To Tell A Story

Have you ever tried to tell a story? At first, it really seems simple – until you start writing, thinking about your audience and their criticism. According to, presentation skills are the foundation of any good interpretation –  whether it’s about a blog, marketing project, or an informal presentation of an idea. Good communication is key to a skillfully told story. This is exactly the definition of storytelling – it is the skill of telling stories.

●      Editing

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Let’s be honest – writing an article is difficult. Editing an article is even harder. Many novice bloggers think that it is enough to just ‘run over’ the article, correct grammatical errors – and that’s it. Of course, grammar is very important – but that’s not the only thing you should look for when you finish your article.

●      Avoid Repeating

We all have some sayings that we use very often in our speech. However, when it comes to writing, we should avoid it. Do not repeat the same word or sentence more than once in the text. It will not look professional and will leave a not so good impact on your readers. When you finish the article, make sure that the individual words are not repeated more times in the text than they should. If there are, try to replace them.

●      Read Your Article Out Loud To See How It Sounds

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This is a trick that many bloggers learn over time. When you finish your article, read it out loud before you publish it – to see how it sounds. If it seems to you that a sentence does not fit – be sure that it will not fit your visitors while reading it. If you come across a sentence that doesn’t make sense or just doesn’t fit the rest of the text – feel free to either delete it or change it. It may sound strange, but force yourself to always read your article to see if it’s easy to read – and that there are no difficult sentences or paragraphs.

The Bottom Line

Don’t be a perfectionist because that way you are just wasting precious time. The most important thing is to offer your readers informative and interesting content to read – and by their reaction, you will see if you did a good job or not.