9 Things to Know Before Applying for a Certificate of Conduct – 2024 Guide

Opening Word

Looking to switch job positions or rise through the ranks comes with a lot of different challenges. First of all, you need to be experienced enough and have the right kind of education. Second of all, you have to otherwise be the best candidate among the applicants. One of these is a track record of good behavior or conduct. In order to prove what you are saying is true and that you really are who you say you are, you must apply for a Certificate of Conduct.

If you have no idea what this implies or what this document even is, you are at the right place since we are going to explain everything to you right here in the article. If you are looking to apply and get one in the Netherlands, make sure to check out vognodig.nl for the easiest way to do so. Following are the most important things to learn and know before you actually apply.

1. What is it anyway?

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A certificate of conduct is an important government-issued document that the Dutch Minister of Legal Protection uses to declare that the applicant in question has not been charged with particular crimes relevant to their performance and duties. This makes the document the absolute necessity for legality reasons if a person has had some legal issues in the past and is now looking to try their luck in a career where some crimes or charges would prevent them from getting a job.

2. What happens when you apply?

When a candidate has applied to get the document, the Criminal Records System is consulted. Their database contains all the data related to the potential criminal offenses and charges against the applicant, as well as the outcomes and sentences involved. Dropping of charges, fines, and anything similar is also present in the files. What is more, the person carrying out the deed can also get in touch with the police and ask the Public Prosecution Service for assistance in determining the history of the applicant’s conduct. When enough information is gathered, it is studied carefully until the whole behavior record is established.

3. Is there an example to help me understand?

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Among the easiest examples, you can use to better understand the purpose of and the sense behind the certificate of conduct is the one with a professional driver. For example, a taxi driver, a trucker, or any delivery driver that has been convicted of drunken driving or other types of traffic misconduct is not going to have a good time looking for a job in their field again. However, if the person in question has the same kinds of charges for his driving but they are accountants, doctors, or lawyers, their certificate of conduct will not prevent them from career mishaps because driving is not a part of their job and they cannot put the company, its employees, reputation, and equipment in danger.

4. Is it easy to get?

Regarding bureaucracy in general and the time and effort, it takes to get a government-issued document, it is relatively straightforward and easy to obtain your certificate of conduct. Most member states of the European Union have gone out of their way to make it as easy and convenient as possible for their citizens. What is more, in most of the leading EU states, it is now possible to request the certificate online through respective services. Countries like the Netherlands, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany, and France have all adopted this new practice that makes everyone’s lives easier, and best of all, saves time.

5. Things to remember

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The information in the document we are discussing is private and most people do not like for it to be known, even if they have nothing to be worried about. Do not worry, however, as you are the only person who is notified if you do not get the certificate of conduct. If you do not have a criminal record, you will get yours 100% of the time, but if there are certain holdbacks, your employer will not have access to any data of your criminal record. You are the one notified about not getting the document.

6. Apply where you live

A crucial thing to do when applying is to visit the designated place (usually the City Office) or do it online for the municipality where you live, that is, where your personal ID says you live and where you are registered to vote. Otherwise, it may be incomplete and/or invalid.

7. Not getting it is not the end

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If you have had the misfortune of not receiving your certificate of conduct that you require for a job position or an internship, this is not the end of the road for you. It could be that a very similar or almost identical position may be possible for you with another employer, or a slightly different branch of business. Do not feel bad about losing one chance as something else may present itself rather quickly and end up being better than the original.

8. Two types exist

Two different types of this document exist. The first is for natural persons and the second for legal persons. Since you are an individual employee, what you need is going to be the first one.

9. What you need

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Like with other government-issued documents you need in life, this one requires valid proof of identification like an ID card or a passport. A driving license is also possible if the other two are unavailable for some reason. More importantly, a fully completed application form is necessary. In the Netherlands, either an English or a Dutch form can be handed. The organization that requests you do the conduct has to sign the form as well. The original must be submitted, not a copy or a scan.

Conclusion and Takeaways

Basically, it is rather easy to apply for a certificate of conduct. If you do not have a criminal record or any misdeeds from the past, there is nothing to worry about as you will surely get it and start your new chapter. If not, remember that it is not the end of the line as you can apply elsewhere. Certificates of conduct are important documents that help both the employers and the governments to remain safe and know if people of questionable backgrounds are working on certain things legally. Therefore, we should respect them as all they do is help protect us.