All You Need To Know About Basketball Betting In 2024

Among fans of betting on sports, basketball is popular due to the high performance of games and the predictability of results. Dividing the match into quarters of 12 minutes each (in NBA matches) and 10 minutes for European tournaments gives bettors additional chances to beat the bookmaker.

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In basketball betting, predictions before the game are easier to make than in other sports. Most often, bettors try to predict the total points. You need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Statistics of away meetings for guests and home games – for the owners of the hall. It is better to watch competition data with teams similar to the participants in the predicted meeting.
  • Team games among themselves.
  • Physical form and morale of both teams.

The fact is that the leading members of the NBA score up to 110 points per game. Therefore, both teams will generally show a total of 200 points.

You should not try to predict the total if the game will take into account overtime – in this case, it is impossible to predict the number of points even approximately.

Analysis of betting odds


Basketball betting quotes are a combination of the probability of the outcome of an event and the bookmaker’s margin. Betting odds in bookmakers are formed based on the analysis of statistical and analytical data on the sports market. But when building a line, bookmakers sometimes fail to take into account all the nuances. Therefore, quotes are reviewed even after publication.

The largest changes in coefficients occur during loading when a large amount of money falls on one bet. In other words, the load is obtained when either a lot of people bet on a certain outcome, or large sums are bet.

The increased interest of players in a particular bet happens when important information appears that allows you to predict the outcome. At this moment, the players actively bet their real money, and the bookmakers respond by lowering the odds.

Some basketball betting strategies are based on changing odds. Therefore, a bettor needs to follow the dynamics of quotes on the official website of the bookmaker. It is more convenient to do this on specialized resources, so the user can see not only which coefficient has changed, but also by what amount.



When changing the coefficients as a result of the load, you can choose one of two game strategies. Either follow the money load or bet against it. The first option is quite understandable: to bet together with everyone because it is no coincidence that they bet (which means they know something). In this case, it is important to place a bet on time, and not at the moment when the bookmaker has already lowered the odds as much as possible, covering their risks.

After the cash load, the coefficient for the opposite outcome increases. It is important to wait for the peak and bet on the outcome, the probability of which has not changed, and the size of the winnings has increased a lot.


Basketball Betting


Dynamic and seemingly unpredictable basketball lends itself to analysis and allows you to make fairly accurate predictions. It makes sense for basketball fans to engage in sports betting.

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