Unheard Of Ways To Achieve The Ultimate Women Orgasm – 2024 Guide

Orgasm exits in our minds as much as it does in the clitoris or any part of our bodies’, says Holly Richmond, a certified sex therapist. I think that is what answers the question as to why women don’t have sexual arousals as comfortable as men do. As a man, you might be turned on with one wild look of hers, but women need an ample amount of emotional and physical stimulation to become aroused and primed for an orgasm. To give your girl the best orgasm, you need to unlearn the myths about women’s orgasms and learn some facts. So, keep scrolling.

First Things Firsts.

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  • Hollywood films are great, but unlike the show, women don’t get orgasm only during intercourse. That is as good as the fantasy. Only a quarter of women are orgasmic continuously during sex. Secondly, unlike shown on screens, an orgasm doesn’t take a mere span of 7 to 8 minutes always (it might happen if you are immensely good or she is in a good aroused mood).
  • Vaginal orgasms might be the easiest for penises, but it is not the only type of orgasm to make women achieve the ‘Big O.’ So dear men, here’s another fact check to make your bedroom moments easy and noisy.

Here are all-time questions about female orgasms.

What Are The Types Of Orgasm?

How Does One Make Their Partner Achieve Them?

What Do They Make Women Feel

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Let’s begin with the answers.

  1. Erogenous Zones: As mentioned above, it is not the reproductive organs that produce the orgasm. It is achieved with a lot of experimentation because erogenous zones differ with every person. While some favorites work with most women, like a kiss on the neck, shoulders, nipples, and behind the knees. These are the second sources of stimulation and can cause a pleasurable reaction when caressed and played continuously.
  2. Clitoral Orgasm: Believe it or not, the clitoris is a tiny penis. It develops from the same tissue as the penis when we are in the womb. When the testosterone is released into the male embryo, it forms a penis. Without testosterone, the same sexual tissue forms the small organ with many nerve endings – the clitoris. It is a small nub of tissue peeking from the top of the vulva that extends down inside the labia. Most women need to be caressed at the clitoris gently with fingers, tongue, or a vibrator to get aroused. Unless asked to, do not intensely touch around the walls. Since the clitoris contains as many sensitive nerves as the penis and is an organ one-tenth of its size, a gentle touch may be too intense for some women. The feeling is a tingly one all along the skin and the brain.
  3. Vaginal Orgasm: It might be most comfortable for the penis, but it’s one of the most difficult for vaginas, especially in the postmenstrual period when the vaginal walls are dried up. Use a lube first (preferably the moist ones available in pharmacies because the saliva doesn’t keep the walls wet for long). Try the ‘come hither’ motion towards the belly button with the fingers or a sex toy first, instead of the penis, to build up the feel-good feelings. You will get all the sex toys you need to make your night wild here. Stimulating the elusive G- Spot with steady, intense pressure leads to orgasm, and it is perhaps then you could use your real strokes. When the G – spot feels the pleasure, the orgasm is deep inside the body and can be easily felt by the person providing the earth-shaking orgasm because the vaginal walls will pulse.
  4. Combo: Combining the above two types of stimulation, either in parallel or opposite rhythms, can achieve the most intense orgasm (movie-style orgasm). The clitoris is stimulated, and the G- spot is engaged simultaneously.
  5. Anal orgasm: It is very common in men because of the prostrate but can also be achieved by stimulating the inside of the anus with a finger and rubbing the outside of the anal opening with the male genital. Please USE LUBE DURING ANAL SEX because butts do not naturally produce lubricant, making the skin around that area prone to tears and infection on prolonged in-and-out. There will be contractions felt around the anal sphincter before the ‘Big O’ moment.

These were the must-knows about orgasm. Let’s talk about some ways that will make you give your girl some best ‘Big O’ moments.

Foreplay Is The Real Play.

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Play is the one to receive more emphasis. Just as the word means, setting the ground for the main game requires you to be gentle and emotional while gearing up for the main moment. Foreplay can begin hours before the sex occurs.

  • Mental Stimulation: A flirtatious call, or a wild text during the day, that would get her to think about your moment of illicit romance. For some women, sex is not just about physical arousal; it is as much emotional. Set up the mood with candles, music, flowers, or role-play costumes.
  • The more tender the touch, the more effective it is – Moments of affection and caress can create sexual tensions before going ahead. Hug her from the back, whisper into her ears, tickle her neck, hold her hand firmly while doing all of that.
  • Take the kissing on a higher level: Women are likely to get orgasms while being kissed and touched all over the body. Discover new areas of kissing and touch her all over, not just the breasts or the genitals. Stroke her back, her thighs slide your fingers through her hair and hold it firm while you kiss her on the lips (this is an expression of your desire for her).
  • Talk about the feelings: As said above, whisper your desires to her, ask her how the touch and the kisses feel, and tell her how she is making you feel. Talking makes the process more fun as well as adds to the excitement.

Break The Pattern

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While comfortable positions or places work for some, change is an innate ingredient of excitement. For example, have you noticed how sex feels more arousing when done in hotel beds or under the shower, or on the kitchen counter? Maybe it is the novelty that arouses the dopamine to make the libido even better.

The catch is that you do not give her an orgasm. You create a situation erotic enough with the desired amount of emotion, comfort, and care that arouses your woman enough to take herself to the climax.

Keep the love alive. Keep the thrill alive.