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average_loser Part 1
My dear sweet Briana
What a crazy 7 months
We've put up with all kinds
Of assholes and cunts

Myself not excluded
I'm the biggest asshole of all
Because I had the best girl ever
Through my fingers I let her fall

Just hear me out
This isn't all self pity
I've had a week for that
And believe me its shitty

I stand here before you
My heart on my sleeve
A tale of my love
With words I shall weave

December 17, 2014
The first time we facebooked
We started talking almost instantly
And within minutes I was hooked

Then came the phone call
The best one of my life
One hour in I decided
This girl would be my wife

The next day was better
She ditched first to see me
Then I was late to second
But happy as could be

At lunch we snuggled
And held hands while we walked
Though we were near strangers
We felt so close when we talked

Friday came too soon
It was the day before break
We were standing outside theater
When my hands started to shake

She said she had a present for me
Then proceeded to plant one
Right smack on my lips
And in that moment I was done

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average_loser Part 2
No one could replace her
She was the one for me
All it took was one kiss
For her to help me see

On December 30th
It was my moms birthday
She came to spend the night
And I finally got my way It was a party though
So we had to participate
Sneaking off to my room
To steal a kiss cause we couldn't wait

I love the way our bodies morphed
Bare, into each other
I knew after that night
I would never lie with another

Flash forward a few months
Were bowling with Sam
I didn't think I was any good
But it turns out I am
Never could I count
Every spoken I love you
Never could I stress
How much those words are true

Because you changed my life
From the moment you entered it
And you've stuck around
And put up with all my shit

Fast forward 3 more months
To where we are today
Yaa were broken up
But that's not how it'll stay

I know how we said
We wouldn't waste our last chance
But I swear it won't be a waste
If I could just have this dance

You mean the world to me
And I want you to be mine
This past week has been stormy
But today the sun will shine

Please just say yes
And happy we will be
Briana Marie Wagner
Will you go out with me?

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luxeventsco Thank you Mel for capturing this on set today!!! You are beyond talented and one of the sweetest!!!! @vervephotoco .... @graydonhallmanor #graydonhallmanor #luxeventsco #vervephotoco #talentedfriend #promoshoot #stylist #planner #torontoplanner #enthusiast #nofilter

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average_loser This picture was taken 38 days ago. The last time I got to hug, kiss, hold my beautiful love. I'm so proud to say WE'RE BACK TOGETHER GUISE ^.^ God I'm so fucking happy! If all goes well I will see her tomorrow!<333 #death #enthusiast #grunge #band #rockband #poppunk #punk #rock #posthardcore #metal #band #music #bandlife #musiclife #bands #song #songs #emo #scene #s4s #rocknroll #rockandroll #punx #upthepunx #youtube #video #videos #uploads #demos #subscribe 3h

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photogandu Transliteration success! Oksusucha! Thanks to the giant language books laying around the apartment. #tea #gift #korean #transliteration #oksusucha #linguistic #enthusiast #around 3h

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projectpaladin @sevenfriday Toronto showcase rocking the P1 along with @saurojewelry Arpione ebony bangle. #stylish #coolfactor #sauro #sevenfriday 5h

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Hudson ßર✪
ripley2453 Glad I bought the new grill, can see how badly I ruined the old one! #corsasri #sri #230bhp #turbo #car #enthusiast #debadged #grill 6h

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Normal Rarity₡hildAlexx
lexxandra_a #TBT Throw Back Thursday for Halloween 2012 As You can See im An AliceCooper Enthusiast I Really love his Asthethic's .....Cosplay Alice When I want too and Idgaf.... 7h

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that_italian.13 This will be my car within the next 2 years..! #audi #enthusiast #s4 #b7 #custom #V8 #supercharged #slammed #bagged #audis4 8h

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