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13min valerio86dr
Brannan Valerio
  •   _lovlygloe staaaannnnnnn!!!!! oh my gosh!! lol 17min
  •   the_lifeof_stanbro Sick ass burnie or what lmao @_lovlygloe 16min
  •   _lovlygloe damnnnnn!! shots crazy!! take me with u next time!! 15min
  •   the_lifeof_stanbro Lol I always have fun and do wild shit when I go. But yea forsure. I'll let you know. I woulda invited this time but it was kinda last min. @_lovlygloe 14min
  •   _lovlygloe it's cool; yes but next time for sure!!(: I would love to!! I wanna see u do dangerous things! ur living life on the edge! ahaha 12min
  •   the_lifeof_stanbro Lol fasho aha. And yea you gotta live life different. What's life without doing something crazy. And that something crazy happens to be something I love!! Hence #livethedream @_lovlygloe 9min
  •   _lovlygloe ohhh yeaaaa!(: that's what I said when I was younger and I would go painting.. Graffiti. of I loved it. that's why now as I get older I stick to my canvas's and blackbooks(: I love it. but yea always doing something u love is an amazing feeling! 2min

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Earlybird Stevie young

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Normal Masahiro Tanaka
morningglow323 Burnout/ネイションラグベスト

ブランド設立10周年企画の数量限定アイテムです(^^) ¥32,000+tax☆


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