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Ludwig Lindsey Lacz
lindseylacz Boarded!! #Africa, here we come! Don't be alarmed by the radio silence for the next 2 weeks, it means I'm in #Namibia with @realkevinlacz #hunting large game!! #MakingMemories #300Weatherby #Antelope #FirstHunt #AdventuresWithDauber 22s

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24s r25rea
Normal Rob Rea
r25rea Welcome to Ghana!! So after a long day of travelling it's time for a very cold beer! #accra #ghana #africa #star #beer #pool #trevlife 24s

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43s ziimusic
ziimusic #thisisafrika Mansa Musa I from Mali is said to be the richest man in History having a net worth of $400billion. With all this wealth he would give gold to the poor everywhere he travelled #waveaflag join the conversation @ ziimusic.com. #africaday #newmusic #music #dance #africa 43s

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X-Pro II Thabo Mphuthi
thabo_mphuthi A random gift from my lady & perfectly suited for Africa day... Thank you @ndyebo_zegolide_ "#Africa is #open for #business - Victor Kgomoeswana" #bookstagram #books 1min

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wilfried_photo Lonely boy 🏾
This young boy was sad because of a friend who just left by car and forgot to take his present with him !
#caboverde #santoantao #africa #islands #boy #portrait #followme #cute #travel #nofilter #beautiful #colorful #bestvacations

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Normal Melinda Fowler

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cheekipowpow The number Three is very significant to Me.

I often want to post Three consecutive photos from the same day/series but don't, out of fear in feeling and being viewed as vain.

Sometimes Three speaks to Me in photo form and I honor it's significance by posting one in every third photo, instead.

Everything I do has significance
Everything is significant.
Don't doubt Me/Three.

3 of 3.

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4min dohko_foto
Normal dohko fotography
maarifacircle REPOST from @african_unification_huntsville Queen Njinga or Nzinga fought to stop Portuguese slave trade. Queen Njinga Mbande (c. 1583 – December 17, 1663), also known as Ana de Sousa Nzingha Mbande, was a 17th-century queen of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms of the Mbundu people in southwestern Africa.
Queen Nzinga Mbande was a ruthless and powerful 17th century African ruler of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms (modern-day Angola). Nzinga fearlessly and cleverly fought for the freedom and stature of her kingdoms against the Portuguese, who were colonizing the area at the time.
Around the turn of the 17th century, the independent kingdoms and states of the Central African coast were threatened by Portuguese attempts to colonize Luanda. (Luanda, today the capital of Angola, was founded in 1576.) Portugal sought to colonize the region in order to control the trade in African slaves, and attacked many of their old trading partners to further this goal.
Unlike many other rulers at the time, Nzinga was able to adapt to these changing circumstances and fluctuations in power around her. By her own determination and refusal to give in to the Portuguese without a fight, she transformed her kingdom into a formidable commercial state on equal footing with the Portuguese colonies.
Feel Free to add any other info
#queennzinga #angola #congo #africanhistory #africa #afrique #women #africanwomen #womeninhistory #africansinhistory

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radio.canada.newvel Matthieu 5
Ne pensez pas que je sois venu pour abolir la loi ou les prophetes: je ne suis pas venu pour abolir, mais pour accomplir;

King James Bible
Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

English Revised Version
Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfill.

Trésor de l'Écriture

to destroy the law.

Luc 16:17
Il est plus facile que le ciel et la terre passent, qu'il ne l'est qu'un seul trait de lettre de la loi vienne à tomber.

Jean 8:5
Moïse, dans la loi, nous a ordonné de lapider de telles femmes: toi donc, que dis-tu?

Actes 6:13
Ils produisirent de faux témoins, qui dirent: Cet homme ne cesse de proférer des paroles contre le lieu saint et contre la loi;

Actes 18:13
en disant: Cet homme excite les gens à servir Dieu d'une manière contraire à la loi.

Actes 21:28
en criant: Hommes Israélites, au secours! Voici l'homme qui prêche partout et à tout le monde contre le peuple, contre la loi et contre ce lieu; il a même introduit des Grecs dans le temple, et a profané ce saint lieu.

Romains 3:31
Anéantissons-nous donc la loi par la foi? Loin de là! Au contraire, nous confirmons la loi.

Romains 10:4
car Christ est la fin de la loi, pour la justification de tous ceux qui croient.

Galates 3:17-24
Voici ce que j'entends: une disposition, que Dieu a confirmée antérieurement, ne peut pas être annulée, et ainsi la promesse rendue vaine, par la loi survenue quatre cent trente ans plus tard.… but.
#arabia #isis #russia #moscow #pakistan #korea #coree #news #radios #rihanna #eminem #embassy #allah #islam #jihad #irish #iraq #africa #haiti #lilwayne #algerie #cuba #beyonce #church #china #harper #obama #wyclef #50cent #dre

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5min qansar1962
Normal shade
qansar1962 #africa gold 5min

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damiencarduner Ainsi s'achève 3 jours de fête. Le mariage du frère Prince de Zamouda!!! . Un mariage somptueux. Que Dieu vous garde A&W et toute votre famille.. #wedding #wife #husband #africa #camer #cameroun #bazin 5min

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