keshialilly I've Been asked for some Xmas nail art tutorials, said I was gonna wait for December... I got impatient and my polish chipped already so here are some santa hats that i do every year around this time haha : put on a base coat and then paint on a pink base, I used #essie in #sugardaddy paint red on the tip of your nail for your Santa hat, you can just freehand this part as the line will be covered later. I used #opi in #bigapplered paint the shape of the point of your hat that the Pom Pom hangs off of, use a thin brush or striper polish in black. Fill in the space you create with red again now make little 'c' shapes with your white polish and thin brush to create the white trim and Pom Pom, I used opi #alpinesnow fill in the white trim add sparkles before top coat and clean up! I used #sallyhansen #strobe ... Hope you guys like this and try it out, again don't forget to tag me! I love seeing what you guys do if I inspire you to try this out pic of the finished mani tomorrow sometime. 3y

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