•   mrs_steve Always a long line! 2y
  •   mindywender Is this just Disneyland pics? What about #disneyworld lol ;) 2y
  •   unhealthydisneyobsession @mindywender Well I live in California and have never been to Disney World I would love to go! so I guess it is just Disneyland. 2y
  •   tiggerlovesyou I work that ride and that line goes pretty fast. We try to make it go fast at least. 2y
  •   mrs_steve It is such a great ride. The line does go fast 2y
  •   stowerpower2 This ride terrified me as a kid, still my least favorite. I never liked the being sent to hell bit. 2y
  •   trjordan1 I miss that ride at WDW 2y
  •   mindywender I'm the opposite of you... Never been to Disneyland b4 but I want to 2y

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