WEBSTA is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!

‐ Formerly known as Webstagram.

You can:

If you’re using Websta for the first time,simply use your Instagram username and password to login.
On the next page, click "Authorize" to access Websta’s features.

You can simply click the login button on this page for future logins.

If you don't have an account, please create one on your mobile devices first.



Websta Web Viewer

Enjoy features that are available on the Instagram application such as:

  • viewing photos
  • liking, commenting, following, unfollowing
  • browsing popular photos/hashtags/users

and other useful features not found on the application - from blog widgets to the Statistics!

Websta Blog

Blog.Stagram features Instagram users like you, Instagram communities, photographers, and photo questions you can join anytime and anywhere.

Websta DM

Send direct messages to other Instagram users on the web.

Follow Me Button

Display Instagram badge on your blog or website.

Ask your blog or website visitors to follow you on Instagram.

Websta Board

Use your Websta Boards to organize Instagram posts into groups.

Find users by Keyword

Meet other Instagram users based on different topics of intere

Instagram Gallery

Display photos from your Instagram account, popular photos or hashtag-based photos on your blog or website.

Repost This

(found on photo pages when logged in)

  • Share photos that display the photo owner's username.
  • Share them on social media or via email.


(found on photo/user/tag pages)

Get updates on user’s latest photos via the RSS Reader.

Search Tools

Search bar (found on top right)
  • Search photos by hashtags and usernames.

Statistics (HOT)

Check out the hottest filters, hashtags, and Instagram users.

Websta Wallpaper

Turn your Instagram photos into a wallpaper with just three taps! (iOS App)

Find Instagram users by Keyword