What Different Things Can I Move Using a Rental Truck? – 2020 Guide

Relocating is one of the most challenging tasks, even when you hire expert movers. Many things are there that these professional movers do not allow you to shift. Therefore, it is your responsibility to either dispose of those items or take them with you at your risk. Well, if you are looking for experienced rental truck services, then you can consider movingfeedback.com. It is like a great rescue to your problems.

You can easily rent a truck for the easy and effective moving of your goods from one place to another. Hiring a Truck rental service is not just an affordable option to move your goods, but also it allows you to move a lot more variety of items than local movers. Nowadays, it has become a popular choice, and many people prefer them worldwide.

Safety is the prime concern for everyone, and you should consider moving only those items which are relatively safe for relocating. You can get an opportunity to transport items of your choice, and you will also have full control over every move. You can also read more about semi-truck insurance companies.  You can also shift your pets, favorite trees, and other items on the rented truck as per your needs. Have a look at how you can easily move unique things with your rental truck with so much of perfection.

1. Moving Pets with Truck Rental

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We love our pets a lot because they are like members of the family. If you are relocating to a new place, then no one wants to leave his pet. If you have a group of many dogs, cats, or any massive animal like cows, buffaloes, etc., it can be very challenging to move them by car or any public transport. Many people worldwide face the same problem, and they need an effective solution to stay attached to your lovely pets.

Well, relocating your pets is quite difficult, but not impossible if you rent a heavy-duty truck. By using such services, you can solve your problem and shift your pets through a heavy-duty vehicle. However, specific protocols vary from state to state while moving different types of pets via trucks. Your pets may feel stressed while staying in a locked container. When you rent a good-quality service, they keep your animals safe and comfortable.

You can create different strategies and plan their trip in an organized way. You know very well how you can handle your pets, and therefore, you can provide sufficient instructions to the team. Apart from this, pet owners also get another benefit from the rental truck. With such a service, a person does not need to stick with the schedule of the movers. They can do their job as per their schedule and as per the timing that suits you better.

Essential Tips to Move with Pets Comfortably

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You must pack a traveling bag for your pet in which you should pack all the items that your pet need and consume during transportation. There should be sufficient food, water, and treats for your pet in that traveling bag. You can feed them whenever you feel required and also maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle.

  • Make sure the temperature of the truck is favorable for your pet. They may feel uncomfortable if it is too hot or too cold. You must regulate the temperature according to their needs.
  • Cats tend to get more stressed and anxious because of the unfamiliar things present around them. Therefore, you can take your cat in the same crate your pet used to live in at home. But this is a great option only when you have to move a short distance. If you are traveling to a considerable distance, you can keep the crate and your cats in it to make them comfortable.
    Ensure you take enough water with you so that you can keep your pet hydrated during transportation. If you are traveling at a long distance, you can take short breaks and stop your journey to provide sufficient water for them.
  • Keep your pet in a crate or cabin of the truck so that you can also keep an eye on your pets. If they stay in their cabins, then they will not move too much on the vehicle. There is less scope of falling and making a nuisance in the vehicle. You need to make sure that the pet is completely safe during transportation.
  • Do not leave your fur friend in the truck back because the temperature can rise, and you would not get to know. They will not provide any hint about things happening to them, but they may feel disturbed or get sick.
  • In the end, make sure that your pet is safe and completely comfortable while moving from one place to another. Create all the possible things that make your pet feel comfortable during the move.

2. Moving Trees in a Rented Truck

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Most of the movers do not allow you to load trees in the truck. Therefore, you can hire a reputable rented truck to load and unload trees from one place to another. Carrying trees is a heavy-duty work, which provides heavy-duty vehicles to carry your favorite trees. It is possible to relocate your garden. Use all these tips to move plants in the truck:

  • If possible, remove the leaves of the tree so that it becomes easy to load and handle.
  • You need to choose the time to move, which is favorable for your home plants and trees.
  • You need to make sure that the traveling distance is short for transporting trees.
  • Before digging the trees, make sure that you water them to stay hydrated during transportation.
  • To ease the transition of the plants, make sure you uproot them well. Keep as much soil you can keep to roots while removing the plants from the earth and wrap the plant’s base.
  • Make sure that the weather conditions are not challenging enough for the transportation of plants. If possible, you must save the plants from high temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

3. Certain Food Items

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Certain food items can’t move with you, but yes, there are also some food items that you can move in the rented truck but make sure you pack them. In contrast, the food items you take depends on the traveling distance. There could be many items in your refrigerator-that spoils within a few hours. So, it is recommended you take only those items which do not spoil during transportation.

If you have some food in bulk, it is hard to shift from one place to another. You can load everything on the truck and send it to any place you want. If you have dry ingredients, then there is less risk of getting expired. But if you are carrying wet ingredients, you may need a truck with cold temperatures via in-built refrigerators.

4. Assembling and Disassembling of Furniture

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Many movers do not take care of your furniture, and you need to hire different services for assembling and disassembling them. But when you hire a good-quality rental truck company, the team will do everything for you. The main aim is to keep your furniture safe and avoid any damage.

When the company picks an object from your home, they disassemble every part and load on a truck safely. At the time of delivery, they unload all the parts of the furniture safely and assemble them. Small objects will be packed in big cartons so that you can handle them without any damage. Therefore, everything will be pre-planned and managed well to ensure your house’s objects’ complete safety.


A rental truck is an excellent option because you can do things at your own pace, and you will have complete control over your move. You can also load items like food items that movers do not allow you to move. Apart from that, truck rental is an effective and affordable moving option, and you can move the items according to your choice.  These tips can help you move the items that movers would not allow you to move in their moving truck.

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