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Remaking what is arguably one of the best horror movies ever is going to be met with anger from fans immediately, so newcomer Zack Snyder had a difficult task and I don't think he tried to outdo Romero, but rather take the concept in a different direction and have fun with it, because that's what it is; just a fun action movie. The zombies run now, probably riding on the popularity of 28 Days Later (although I believe Nightmare City was the first), but it does add a level of terror the film would otherwise lack. With all this technology and weapons, the zombies need to be able to seem like they could overthrow us and be a real threat. However, my real complaint with the film is that the script is too snarky. I don't know if James Gunn and Joss Whedon are in some sort of competition to see who can write more snarky characters, but everyone in this movie is snarky about something. I mean, it's not terrible, but I could go without some of the snark. I also felt like there were too many instances of people doing stupid shit to move the plot along, like the girl fucking everything up to try and save the dog. Anyway, one thing Zack Snyder did really well was the lighting and cinematography (so, that's two). It's a real stylish looking film and I like the sickly looking colors and there's even a fair amount of gore. Most of it looks like practical and there is CG, of course that doesn't look too bad, but it's noticeable. None of the gory scenes really stick out to me, at least nothing memorable like in the original film and I think that's sums it up. It's not a memorable or groundbreaking experience, lacks the majority of the social commentary, but it's fun. #nowwatching #nowplaying #dawnofthedead #zacksnyder #jamesgunn #sarahpolley #vingrhames #jakeweber #strikeentertainment #universalpictures #screamfactory #shoutfactory #horror #horrormovie #horrorfilm #zombies #bluray #blurayreview #moviereview #moviecritic #filmreview #filmcritic #cinephile #2004 #goonreviewsdawnofthedead
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