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User Image soul.adventuring Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:28 PM (UTC)

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I want to live my life to the absolute fullest, I never want to look back and think of all the opportunities I missed or the places I should have gone. Over the past 2 years I began traveling to a few over seas locations but also extensively through Australia and it’s just opened up my eyes to how amazing the world can be. Traveling changes you, it changes your outlook on life and reevaluates the things you think are important. This year I’ll be traveling to New Zealand and across Europe and I’m so excited I could burst! I can’t wait for the adventures to come 🌏✈️🍃
User Image seasoldier_pacitan Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:27 PM (UTC)

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Sampah sedotan di Pantai Srau.
Kurang dari 5menit sampah sedotan terkumpul sebanyak 2botol air mineral (1orang). Dan masih banyak yg tidak terambil. Sudah tersedia banyak tong sampah, namun karena rendahnya kesadaran pengunjung tentang sampah, mereka tetap saja membuang sampah sembarangan.
Menurut keterangan pedagang sebenarnya kegiatan Jumat bersih sudah dilaksanakan dipesisir pantai oleh warga dan komunitas pedagang, namun sampah-sampah yang diambil hanya sampah yang besar dan kelihatan saja, mereka mengabaikan sampah-sampah kecil yqnh sebenarnya juga berbahaya. Penanganan sampahpun masih dibakar.

#sampah #greenwavengo #seasoldier #seasoldierpacitan #beach #zerowaste #clean #bebersih #bersih #nyampah #hpsn2018 #bebassampah2020 #brani #bergerak #hijau #eart #saveearth #pantai #straw

Repost from @nowme91
User Image festivalofrubbishideas Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:24 PM (UTC)

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The Festival of Rubbish Ideas is an event with great ambition. We are asking as many Cornish artists as possible to get on board and contribute to our fantastic cause. Plastic and pollution is rife across all of our beaches. Even beautiful beaches such as Godrevy, Cornwall, which are seemingly clean contain horrendous amounts of plastic on average per square metre. We're aiming to gather all of this rubbish and create something beautiful in order to raise awareness and contribute to reduced amounts of plastic on our beaches. Join us and contribute towards a great cause!
User Image brandtaylo Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:23 PM (UTC)

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Hello friends, don't let friends use febreeze! Listen up if you're a fan of spray air fresheners, plug-ins. All of these products are filled with extremely toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on your bod. Yes that's right, it makes no sense that something you SPRAY into the air in our homes is so toxic for our respiratory system, our endocrine system, our skin and overall health.🌿The environmental working group did testing on a febreeze product that listed 3 chemical ingredients on the label. They found 87 different chemicals in this one product including:
- BHT- known as a neurotic, endocrine, immunotoxicity, non-reproductive organ system toxicity, skin, eyes and lung - Acetaldehyde- known to cause cancer, allergies, toxic to reproduction and development, immunotoxin non-reproductive organ systems toxin, skin, eyes lung irritation.
- "Fragrance " - one of three ingredients disclosed is a neurotoxin, immunotoxin and allergen - propylene glycol- cause cancer, allergies, toxic to immune system, is classified to irritates the skin, eyes and lungs .... you get the picture the list goes on.
If your still using conventional air fresheners ditch them ASAP! Essential oils can be used to make room sprays that are more effective, safe for your lungs, and actually have health benefits, while air fresheners mask bad odours essential oils actually work to purity the air and remove odours and air borne bacteria. #zerowaste # water #essentialoils #vodka #cleanliving #nontoxic #roomspray
User Image coitelodepau Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:19 PM (UTC)

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Da gusto ver cómo a poco la conciencia #zerowaste y la importancia de la comida orgánica van ocupando lugar en ciudades como Vigo. Es el caso de Kastamis, un nuevo establecimiento en el que no solo demuestran que la comida rápida y lo saludable pueden ir de la mano sino que también inculcan una filosofía super chula: no consumen plástico! Las cucharillas, por ejemplo, están hechas a partir de almidón de maíz.

La comida está buenísima; sushi, wraps, pizza, huevos, ensalada...y unos postres crudiveganos de morirse! Además, dentro de lo que aparentemente es un restaurante, hay una tienda de alimentación y de cosmética orgánica. Lo mejor de todo es que es una opción económica y perfecta para ir con amigos.

Súper recomendado☄☝️😍 #coitelodepau #vigo #spain #plan #advise #kastamis #organic #vegan #food #eco #friendly #like #follow #share #comment #stpatricks #saturday #ig
User Image eisbrenac_designs Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:19 PM (UTC)

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From March 12 thru March 17,2018 use code 🍀STPATRICKSDAY2018 🍀and save 25% off you total (shipping fees excluded from purchase total this sale is not valid with any other offer or sale) 🍀🍀🍀
#EnvironmentalAwareness #GoGreen #repurpose #EtsyShop #etsy #AlbumArt #HomeDecor #WallDecor #art #crafts #SmallBusiness #EisbrenacDesigns #shopping #gifts #WasteNotWantNot #ZeroWaste #Upcycled #Recycled #GoGreen #SupportSmallBusiness
User Image realistic_vegan_food Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:17 PM (UTC)

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I went shopping in bulk today! It's very difficult even impossible to find a no waste shop where I live, but there is this small farmer shop which sells frozen goods in bulk!! And i love it! Spicy potato wedges and sweet cherries 😍
User Image larareamy Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:18 PM (UTC)

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Carrot Cake Cookies from the Thug Kitchen good! Made with organic mostly zero waste ingredients. Does this count as eating my veggies?! #thugkitchen #eatlikeyougiveafuck #zerowaste
User Image zerowasteslovenianvegan Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:16 PM (UTC)

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Even though most bulk food, that travels to the shop, comes packaged in large bags, there is still less waste made if you buy it with your own bags and containers! 🛒 Zero waste was a concept created to avoid waste, but we all know it will never really be zero... We can do as much as we can with what we have, as low waste as possible! 💚
#zerowastechallenge #zerowaste #zerowastevegan #saynotoplastic #plastic #plasticpollution #slovenia #slovenianblogger #slovenianvegan #zerowasteslovenia #zerowasteveganislovenia #zerowasteslovenianvegan #thelowimpactmovement #bulkfood #bulkshopping #packagefree
User Image thewellnest Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:16 PM (UTC)
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Weekend things look totes better in tote bags 💕 This Ever Eco tote bag is one of our most popular products here at The Well Nest and it's clear to see why. Shop the short and long handle varieties at the link in our bio x
Did you know that shopping vintage is one of the most sustainable ways to shop? Because the garment already exists, there’s no new energy or materials that go into making it — not to mention the creativity and uniqueness that blooms when you mix and match your favorite modern pieces with oldies but goodies. (P.S. this 70s peasant blouse is available online and it’s one of our favorites.) What’s your favorite vintage piece and how do you wear it?
User Image Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:14 PM (UTC)

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User Image torellofarm Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:15 PM (UTC)

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Fresh figs and their possibilities! What's your favourite partner for our gorgeous autumn fruit? Honey, goats cheese, prosciutto? Or perhaps just on their own?

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