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wednesdays are made for boogying, especially to @zboystonight at perro! the boogie clutch & many other goodies fm @cleobella now at the shop. we're open until 6ish today! 🌟
Form and the style change, but a thing and the spirit are inherited.

形やスタイルは変化するが、事やスピリットは受け継がれるという形。 "board & board"

Pattern design
10/17 Tue. OPEN BEACH🦇
Stacey Peraltas Birthday today, one of my favorite shots taken by Craig Stecyk @powellperalta #zboys
Tony Alva from z boys, lords of dogtown, who was your favourite?
Suuuper stoked for this one - we are opening for hip-hop legend KRS-ONE at the Newport Blues Cafe 11/9. Advance tickets a must ya'll

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