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🌸 Never ever-Bambam inspired makeup *I've published his picture in my instastory*

Lenses: ✔ gray but it works
Hair: ❌ I'm not thinking about wearing a wig for Bam, i know his silver hair is so wonderful but I won't wear because I didn't try to cosplay him i just did his makeup

Clothes: Bambam is a boy so the clothes could be suitable for genderbend (?) He wears blouses like this sometimes
Eye makeup: I didn't use enough red and black eye shadow to under my eyes and his eyes are different from mine so eyeliner is different too

Skin makeup: ✔

Lips: ✔ I only used a lip balm. My lips aren't big like him but I hate to use matte liquid lipstick for a boy makeup because boys doesn't use these lipsticks. Pls don't use anymore (。•́︿•̀。) #bambam #got7 #got7bambam #갓세븐 #아가새 #뱀뱀 #kunpimookbhuwakul #yugbam #asian #ulzzang #asianmakeup #asianlover #harajuku #japanese #anime #kawaii #animegirl #cosplay #markbam #kpop #idol #kpopcosplay #kpopmakeup
Okay i'm in love with this theme👌 .
🌙what do you think guys, this theme should be long or no?
🌙Idol: Mark Tuan
🍁Group: Got7
يخي بسه سبحان الله☹️💜
لطافهه ياربي😭😭💙
نفسي اشوفه وهو عمره 50 او بالاربعينات يتغير ولا لا😂😂😂😂💔💔 ماشاءالله عليه ماتغيرر للحين كيوتت😭💕💕
شوفو هو قادر يتحول كيوت وفخم ويطلع صغير بس ماجرب يكبر😂😂😂😂😂💔💔
عاد جد فيه اكثر من صوره له تحسوه بسه يجنن😂😂💕💕
اذا ماتعرفو وش البسه هي : القطه القطوه cat هذي هي😂😂😂😂✋
احنا نسميها بسه🌝💜

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