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*shudders* looking back at these, how did we see beyond the nicotine stained walls/floors/ceilings, drywall over wood panelling, baseboard heaters between rooms, mould, and suspiciously rotted carpet?? #YUCK see previous post for progress #SelkirkReno
The four stages of eating broccoli....
1. Inspect
2. Taste
3. Take out of mouth
4. Throw on floor
Sometimes it's hard to look at yourself when you're feeling weak or down. Here I am, I feel bad today. I'm sad and upset and I would have rather stayed in bed. So what, it is what it is and it will pass. #icky #yuck #meh #wahwah #everydaywithra
This is the worst of the 6 pieces of chicken that was served at the KFC on Tara Blvd. and Flint River Rd, I think. It's in Jonesboro. I'm not one of those chicks who complain about everything and give employees of establishments a hard time, so I took the equally horrible replacement legs, with, not only no apology from the manager on duty (🤔didn't get her name, not tryin to get that deep) but she had the nerve to replace our legs like she was doin us a favor. She didn't even look at them, to make sure they were pretty and fresh. They were very brown, and not the KFC that im used to. Parts of the exposed meat, on the thighs, looked golden brown and dried out. A clear indication that this chicken was NOT being rotated and discarded, but reinvented in an old grease flashback and served to the public. 4 snaps in zigzag pattern on they bs, and horrible business practices. They usin old oil and substandard management practices over there. Don't git da shits. #walkoff #keepitmovin #justsayno #kfc #nopers #foodpoisoning #nothankyou #catchacase #yuck
Got a damn cold, whatever so hot it’s not enjoyable trying to sweat it out, damn cold is keeping me from the gym! Go away! #sick #cold #yuck #hotbath

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