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User Image runruthrun99 Posted: Dec 11, 2017 5:59 PM (UTC)
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Monday.... What a gift... to “Unwrap a New Week”
User Image mmyosun Posted: Dec 6, 2017 10:33 AM (UTC)
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I'm a human. Is it usual to be a human? A human has hands, fingers, legs, eyes, a nose, as well as consciousness, mind, brain, to enjoy it, marvel and be inspired. So why do people do not look at each other with joy, showing their hands and feet, and do not say: "How cool, look, what do I have?" It is irrelevant to the time we live. If life lasted several days or months, it would be time only for adaptation and surprise. However, a person in the present has time not only to be surprised, but for doings and their shift.
To develop the chosen activities, to maintain motivation for results, inspiration is needed. The inexhaustible source of inspiration is the imagination of volume and scale. Let's imagine where we are. In a room, in a building, in a city, in a country, on a continent, on a planet, in space. Try to see not as a picture, not as a plane, but in a volume where you are a participant. This idea is a memory of what is the basis, on what and because of what all activities and feelings are possible, in sensing of which is the beauty.
If a person writes his life line not against the general basis, but putting elegant layers at it, like a rose makes up its bud – more and more doors open for him. Who makes garbage by his actions, distracting people from true hobbies and time-consuming, can't feel the inspiration.
A human is a verge, the reflection of the inner and outer. The world around is as infinite as the world inside. This is the reality. A human is the conductor of these two worlds. Therefore it is important to ask yourself the questions: am I doing beautifully on my own to see the beauty around? Are my actions harmful to others? These questions are asked not to blame yourself, but to understand the truth and purity. There are many contradictions in remarkable intelligent people. A man, perplexed by the amount of discarded garbage outside the city, throws cigarette butts on asphalt in the city. And he can even justify his actions by offering a job to a janitor. However, a janitor already has work. Nature has taken care of this. Cleaning is the everyday natural process. It concerns and bodies, and houses, and the planet.🔻🔻🔻
User Image tapedesignuk Posted: Dec 5, 2017 12:34 PM (UTC)
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As an @riba architect we are required to have an environmental policy that states we are fully committed to minimising the impact our business has on the environment. The immediate environment around our build sites, how our company conducts itself day to day and also the affect we have on the Planet as a whole should be considered. It's so easy to write something that you are required to have by law, but taking action is something else entirely! So, I'm sat here in my Davey A t-shirt (best secret santa present ever I think you'll agree; THANK YOU 🙏🏽) planning next year and working out how we can push ourselves, improve steps to help us be more sustainable as individuals, as a company, in our work and designs and also in our local community 👍🏼#tapedesignuk #buyoncebuybetter #architect #carbonfootprint #indieshop #architecture #sustainability #blueplanetII #ourplanet #renovate #improve #rebuild #planetearth #yourplanet #ulverston #bbcearth #makersmovement #davidattenborough #fucktrump #recycle #climatechange #sustainabledesign #design #wwf #saveourplanet #greenlife #conceptstore #fosterthoughtfulness #thelakedistrict #cumbria
User Image markgreeneofficial Posted: Nov 28, 2017 6:26 PM (UTC)

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User Image noelia_soy Posted: Nov 27, 2017 12:26 PM (UTC)

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Todos hablan de dejarle un planeta mejor a nuestros hijos..Y si dejamos mejores hijos al planeta?..🌏💖 Everyone talks about leaving a better planet to our children .. And if we leave better children to the planet ?.

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