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What is sexy? I am wearing two very different kinds of underwear in these pictures. And you know what some people might find one more sexy than the other. But what sexy is to me is a state of mind sexy is a feeling it's a glow of self respect and knowing what you bring to the table. Sexy is simultaneously being soft and also strong. In both these pictures I feel sexy. Different kinds of sexy because I determine what is sexy and I chose to feel it in both of these. "Sexy isn't just about wanting to thrust your sweet body against another sweet body; sexy cuts a little deeper. Sexy is beneath the surface of your skin. It exists in the brain, the bones, the soul, even the heart. Sexy is when you're present, empowered, confident and in control" Zara Barrie #sheisalwaysenough#nonairbrushedme#empower#bopo#tigerstripes#shameless# #bodypositivity#angles#youdeservelove#loveyourbody#selflovejourney#teambopo #bodypositive #iamenough #beauty #loveyourcurves #squishytummy #stretchmarks #effyourbeautystandards #realbodies#allbodiesaregoodbodies #girlpower #confidence #loveyourself
The universe is a funny thing. I joined a phenomenal body, mind and soul group that has seriously opened up my world and taught me lots of really great things in a short time. I had to draw a card today and this was it, something I don't appreciate or acknowledge as much as I should.💙 #myjourney #youdeservegood #youdeservejoy #youdeservelove
I saw my stunning girlfriend make some really tough choices years back to change her life and get away from a really toxic situation and boy has it paid off! It made me so happy to see this absolutely incredible woman so happy and marrying a man who treats her so beautifully. Such an inspiration!
#bride #friendsforever #wedding #inspire #beautifulbride #youdeservelove
🖤 The Lovers 🖤
At face value, this card symbolizes harmony, love, relationships/union. It is a widely favoured card to pull! I was happy to see it today, though at times it represents difficult choices and dualities that arise in our lives~

There is a great call for grounding right now. The root chakra may become imbalanced easily. Creative expression is a fantastic way to get grounded and also feel a sense of personal reward and happiness~

There may be some sexual energy that needs to be released as well. It is powerful and needs to be released. For some, expressing sexuality may feel wrong or shameful. I invite those who feel this way to explore these feelings, and release any negative emotions surrounding sexuality. We were made to experience pleasure. It is sacred and beautiful. ~

Affirmation: I am loving and deserve to be loved. I express myself openly and without judgement. I am divinely sexual. The immense universe of sexual pleasure is mine to explore. I express myself without guilt and shame. I’m letting go and letting my sexual energy flow~

Here's a link to some great sexual affirmations, I used a couple of these above:

#tarot #thelovers #love #sex #healthysex #selflove #selfacceptance #expression #rootchakra #youdeservelove #grounding #reiki #witch #lightworker #psychic #oracle #tarotreader #cardoftheday #salvadordali #spiritualgrowth #spiritualgangster #raiseyourvibration #clearing #loveyoself
Wait for the Guy you've been Praying for ❤

Wait​ ​for​ ​someone​ ​who​ ​will​ ​never​ ​make​ ​you​ ​wait​ ​again ❤

Wait for the guy worth writing about.
The guy who will fill your pages with vibrant memories and happy endings. Someone who stays, and will stick with you no matter what.
Wait for the guy who loves to show you off, who will hold your hands tight enough to show the world he’s yours.
Wait for the guy who won’t make you wait any longer. Because if he’s the one, he won’t let you go ❤
#justbeyourself #nofacades #donotsettleforless
#youdeservelove #youareworthit
#unapologeticallyme #alwaysbeyourself #behappy #loveyourself #beconfident
Ich bin nicht gerade die Beste, was zeichnen angeht, aber ich denke und hoffe, dass es genügt um meine Ideen umzusetzen. Das hier ist nun der erste 'Cartoon', so in etwa habe ich mir die ganze Sache vorhestellt.. Ich hoffe die Metapher wird verständlich und es ergibt Sinn undso..... #spreadlove :D
#depressionis #depression #mental health #anxiety #awareness #visibility #valid #feelings #endstigma #noshame #selflove #bodypositive #feminism #depressionawareness #mentalhealthawareness #warrior #svv #youdeservelove #journey #loveyourself #lovetheskinyourin #drawing #loveis
Ich (@theeinahpets) habe diesen Account gegründet, um Stigmata und Vorurteilen (wie zum Glück viele andere auch) den Kampf anzusagen. Vor allem, was Depressionen, Selbstverletzung und Ängste angeht, da ich durch persönliche Erfahrung da am meisten zu sagen kann. Inspiriert haben mich die "Liebe ist..." Cartoons von Kim Casali. Ich hoffe durch Metaphern und Bilder veranschaulichen zu können, wie sich Dinge anfühlen. Um eine Art des Verarbeitens zu schaffen, aber auch Verständnis bei nicht Betroffenen zu erreichen, die vielleicht nicht nachvollziehen können, was ich z.B meine, wenn ich sage "Zähneputzen ist manchmal so schwer wie ne Doktorarbeit". Es sollte ein größeres Bewusstsein dafür geben und Menschen nicht länger das Gefühl gegeben werden, sich schämen zu müssen.
Wenn Ideen zu weiteren 'Cartoons' oder konstruktive Kritik vorhanden sind, dann kommentiert oder schreibt mir einfach!
Hoffentlich ne gute Idee!? 🤔🤗
Inspired by the "love is..." cartoons which were created by Kim Casali, I had the idea to do this to explain what depression and also other mental health issues feel like.
I fight things like depression, selfharm and anxiety for about 10 years. I have found a way to deal with my problems, but when it comes to other people, who don't have to deal with mental health issues, they often can't understand what I feel like. So I hope to create visibility and raise awareness. Because in society mental health issues are full of stigma and prejudice. So I hope that I've found a way to fight this. It's my own kind of expression and my own thoughts, feelings and metaphors. But if someone has ideas or constructive things to say just dm me! Maybe for some people this account will become a way to see, that noone is alone and that there is no shame in any of it.
Excuse any misspellings and stuff like that, english is not my first language.
#depressionis #depression #mental health #anxiety #awareness #visibility #valid #feelings #endstigma #noshame #selflove #bodypositive #feminism #depressionawareness #mentalhealthawareness #warrior #svv #youdeservelove #journey #loveyourself #lovetheskinyourin #youmatter #acceptance
“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” - Buddha
Sometimes we feel stuck in a situation. But here is the secret: it doesn’t matter if it envolves money, health, relationships: it all starts in your mind. ✨
We are the creators and we are all the time creating and attracting things to our reality with our thoughts.
So, it doesn’t matter where you are right now or where you want to go. Start to change your thoughts and feel really good about them and about being who you are. 🌹
And remember: Our emotions are the thermometer to measure if you are in the right direction. ~ Dream big, think constructive and FEEL GOOD NOW! 🌎🌻
#lawofattraction #creators #attractingabundance #abundance #cocreators #mindfulness #changeyourlife #changeyourmindset #changeyourthoughts #feelgood #power #selflove #enpoweryourself #followme #recentpic #likemyrecent #spirutualawakening #thesecret #lifeisgood #doyourbest #thepowerofnow #creation #universe #youaretheuniverse #loveyourself #youdeservelove #youdeserveallyouwant #believeyourself
'The thing to do, it seems to me, is to prepare yourself so you can be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud. Somebody who may not look like you. May not call God the same name you call God - if they call God at all. I may not dance your dances or speak your language. But be a blessing to somebody. That's what I think.'
-Maya Angelou
This woman is one of my favorite of all time. #sheisalwaysenough#ihaveembraced#nonairbrushedme#iamnoangel#empower#bopo#tigerstripes#shameless# #bodypositivity#angles#youdeservelove#loveyourbody#selflovejourney#teambopo #bodypositive #iamenough #beauty #loveyourcurves #squishytummy #stretchmarks
Soul Sistahs!!! 🤗🤗🤗 My mentor in life and business, Kris Britton, has decided to create a 30 day academy geared towards helping lovely spiritual goddesses like all of us to release our deeply rooted limiting beliefs through the use of essential oils!! Are you ready to be successful in life and business?? Are you TRULY READY to let go of the bullshit old stories that are keeping you STUCK?? Are you ready to be supported for 30 days through this adventure?? Aaaand have ongoing access to me and our beautiful Goddess Boss tribe after??? You are getting $1197 value for $275 bucks THAT. IS. BANANAS girls!!!! 🍌
PLUS - you’re getting 3 free oils this month... I mean I can’t make this shit up!

We are here to provide you with the tools to be HAPPY in this one crazy life... What kind of value would you attach to your happiness??? I KNOW mine costs wayyy more than $275!!!! So LETS DO THIS!!! Comment below or message me if you’re ready to get started we start October 23rd!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
For so many years I was the only thing in my way. I didn’t allow myself to have new experiences or to grow because I was convinced I didn’t deserve it. .
I was scared to put myself “out there”. I was scared of failure. So I never even tried. .
I just want you to know YOU DESERVE happiness. No matter who you are , what you’ve done or where you’re from. Choose happiness and it will choose you. 💜💜
⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ The disrobing of Harvey Weinstein, notorious and prolific redefiner of consent, has reopened old wounds, spawned thousands of trigger warnings and yet on the upside, which I am determined to find, has shown us we CAN and WILL respond to women and victims in general with empathy. My hope is we have had enough, that this time our disgust is not so easily spent. Let it rid us of the social milieu in which predators flex control with impunity and we say nothing, do nothing. As a mother, I fear revealing this world, as it is. In 2000 I brought a girlfriend to the police station to report a sexual assault that occurred during a casting. The 2 officers laughed and asked if she was wearing the same outfit she had on when the attack occurred. We were then told it would be impossible to prosecute, reminded they had real crimes to solve and summarily dismissed. She was 17. This episode (and others like it) begat for me and most of my peers a normalized expectation of harassment, abuse and violence. It was perfectly normal to end a shoot with artistic nudes. It was expected to be requested to a photographers hotel to be cast. Fashion had it's own subversive rules and none of them protected us. At the heart of it there was an incredible imbalance of power. We were an expendable commodity and we knew it. I was 13 when I began in the industry. 13 when I first posed nude for a famous photographer with well-known penchants. 13 when I was first brought to a nightclub with my agent. 13 when a known music producer asked my agent to instruct me to sit on his lap. Thousands witnessed and fascilitated the overwhelming culture of abuse. Everyone knew. Why didn't anyone come forward? We tried. No one cared. There is a shift afoot. Listen. It is audible. Our children deserve it. @cameronrussell is posting a window into what the glamorous world of modeling looks like to the children that it burns through. Check it out. #myjobshouldnotincludeabuse #blowyourwhistle #nomoreshame #breakthesilence #stoptheviolence #youdeservelove #supporteachother #raisingstrongwomen and #menwholisten #equality #love #footisofficiallydown
Don't ever tell yourself or let anyone else tell you that you're not important because you are Your life is precious and you are precious... don't cut it short keep yourself strong tonight and always you got this ✊🏻🔥

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