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User Image lorenlotus Posted: Feb 24, 2018 6:47 PM (UTC)
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Goes to Cuba once* and did every cultural and local thing possible within a week!
My favorite was spending a couple days at the Viñales farm land where they grow their own tobacco and coffee beans. We learned how to roll fresh cigars and even tried to smoke it 😎 💨
Seeing the locals who’ve been raised on this farm and the passion they put into their production was such an incredible experience!

On the flip, I received a gnarly comment about failing a history lesson in Cuba and their current state of dictatorship but my intention is to never speak or post about politics. If I did, I’d start with my own country but I much prefer to give attention to things like culture, nature and the local lives in each place.
So whatever your perception of Cuba may be, I urge you to travel here. Travel everywhere. See new places that open your eyes and mind to a life outside of your own!
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User Image yogajourneys Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:49 AM (UTC)
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Luckily these posts weren’t further apart or I would have split my already ripped jeans in half:). I don’t think Colombians have seen a lot of Yoga on the streets. In one minute we had a crowd watching, laughing and enjoying the show. Never a dull moment in Colombia! 🇨🇴❤️
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User Image feelgoodjunkies Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:46 AM (UTC)

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Repost from @theyogaboxau... because it’s simply good ✨ Fill your day with things, people and rituals that you love and make you happy 🌸
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User Image liftedlifeyoga Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:45 AM (UTC)

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Stand strong with a brave heart❤️a moving theme from one of our yoga trainees!!! Find the fire of muscular engagement supply the animate reach of pure love!!! ........your Lifted Self is what makes the body move and find delight!✨🌸 .
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No es fácil, pero tampoco es difícil.
My favorite saying this week in Cuba. It’s not easy but it’s not that hard either.. of course everyday will give us challenges that we must learn to accept. But look on the bright side of what is working, what is beautiful all around us. This life is a gift and usually, always, worth it.
Take time to practice simple gratitude today ✨

Wearing 👙 @strangebikinis in strange places / @cubayoga / @lotusretreats
NON-STEALING // Do not take what is not being offered to you. Most of us are not thieves, however take a closer look at what else you unconsciously may steal from others. Like arriving late at an appointment; stealing time.
Or think again if you keep talking about your problems to the same people over and over again; stealing energy. Remember that there is abundance and that the key lies in GIVING, not TAKING. .
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User Image arrow_liveforward Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:41 AM (UTC)

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Can’t wait for these views .. Queenstown we’re coming for you! March 17-24th #yogaretreat #yoga #yogatravel #yogaeverydamnday #igyoga #instayoga
To “travel” means something different to all of us. Some find it scary, some find it invigorating
In my early 20s I was afraid of traveling. But of course, I wouldn’t admit it and came up with every excuse in the book
My grandparents were always pushing me to travel and I would tell them “I had to work.” I was a server/bartender at the time so if I didn’t work, I didn’t make money
Finally, my grandma said to me “If you had the flu you’d be missing work.” And that’s all I needed to hear!
Two weeks later I was on a flight to Israel for 13 days. Not kidding. Quite a jump for a new traveler but that’s how I roll 😉 A trip that changed my life. I never looked back
6 years and 16 countries later I am hosting my own trip combining my love of travel and my love of health and wellness. And boyyyy have I learned how to stay healthy and grounded while traveling
On our 7 day wellness retreat in Portugal we will learn these tips while staying active with daily, going out to eat and learning how to navigate dining out to stay healthy. We will go on adventures like taking a day trip to Seville, Spain, and a boat ride to these INCREDIBLE caves. Our private chef will always have our house stocked with healthy snacks (approved by me 🤗), and we will create community which has a strong effect on our physical and mental health
I hope you’ll join our group as we have a few spots left. The trip is currently $250 off until March 9th. Use the linktree link in bio for more info or email us at #soulwellnessmethod
User Image truestudiowi Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:35 AM (UTC)
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Your TRUE Tribe is out there, waiting for you to find the courage to live your truth. Join True Studio in Arizona for one of two options: our Adventure Trek or our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.
We offer options for budgets, schedules, and all levels of experience so that YOU can join us and discover community, voice, strength, and your own power!

For more info., visit the True Studio Janesville Facebook events page, email, or call (608) 423-5077.
User Image lifeyogamel Posted: Feb 25, 2018 1:36 AM (UTC)

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One of the stops I’m looking forward to in Bali is Ubud Art Market!! I’m a sucker for markets...will need to buy a spare suitcase just for shopping! #ubud #bali #yogaretreat 🌴Still availability for ‘Restore & Explore’ in Bali this July...the kind of yoga retreat you’ll not regret sharing with your girlfriends! 🌴
Beautiful reflection by @lifearchitectpl on his return to our sacred space at the island of the Gods & Goddesses .. . "Welcoming our first day of insight retreat! Although it is my 5th time in Bali, and to many things I have already gotten used to, the reactions of our Polish guests allow me to explore this place over again. Watching ubiquitous admiration nature, people, food and the atmosphere of the island feels like I am here for the very first time.

On this occasion, it came to me to reflect that we are too quickly losing children's ability to admire and enjoy life, places and people. What used to be new and interesting becomes normal and normal. It's worth keeping the ability to look at the world as if we just showed up. It's easier than it might seem. Make yourself a simple exercise today - for 5 minutes look at everything that surrounds you completely as if you just came into this world right now." - Insight Workshop Retreat by Michal Pasterski

During these 9 days, all participants will practice the techniques included in the Insight method described in a 50 page book by Michał Pasterski, learning new techniques and different approaches to working on oneself including: Zen Coaching & Meditation. Gestalt therapy. Mindfulness. Transpersonal coaching. Behavioral-cognitive therapy.

And his repeating this profound retreat again - both in #Polish (October'18) and in #English (March'19). _______________________________________
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