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User Image Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:06 AM (UTC)

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✨✨New Challenge Announcement! ✨✨
Are you ready to show us what your practice is all about?
Then join us for 7 days of #MyPracticeMyAsana where you decide your own asanas. We give you the theme for each day and you choose your pose. Get as creative or funky as you like, or as traditional and classic as you feel! .
@whitneydavisyoga . .
@gems_of_a_gypsy . .
Pose line up:
1. Toestand
2. Standing pose
3. Hip opener
4. Core strengthener
5. Backbend
6. Shoulder strengthener
7. Arm Balance .
How to play:
1. Like this post.
2. Follow all hosts and sponsors.
3. Repost this flyer and tag some friends.
4. Post your variation daily using the hashtag #MyPracticeMyAsana and tag all hosts and sponsors
5. Make your profile public so we can see you!
6. Have fun and be safe! . .
@quantumyoga #mymantrastyle #vibratehigher #onziegear .
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User Image yogi_theoni Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:03 AM (UTC)

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Morning mood... 🙏🐚🌵
User Image soulhigh1111 Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:04 AM (UTC)

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When you randomly decide to go for a walk and come across this... shivo hum 🙏🏽with me everywhere I go 💓
User Image fitness_muse Posted: Feb 20, 2018 3:58 AM (UTC)

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Obviously I took this last night when the sun was out and I was playing outside in a tank top!! 🤗 Now it’s a full out winter storm outside 😑
Day 1 #yogaclubchallenge : Supta Badha konasana .
YogaClub Tribe Leaders:
Sponsors By:
💖 tank by @fourseeapparel 💖
Monday night crew @wildsideyoga! This community makes my heart burst with love and appreciation 🙏🏼✨
New schedule alert! As of March 5th, come find me @wildsideyoga:
Mondays @ 5:30 PM
Wednesdays @ 5:30 PM
Fridays @ 5:30 PM
Saturdays @ 10:30 AM
Sundays @ 10:30 AM
User Image soulhigh1111 Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:01 AM (UTC)

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🕉EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING🕉 & if you don’t know now you know ✨🙏🏽✨
User Image yogaleggs Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:00 AM (UTC)

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#Repost @twisted_yoga_girl with @get_repost
Your struggles, challenges, obstacles, are your strengths. They are the gateways to learning, change, growth, expansion. They offer a chance to move into a deeper place of love, compassion, kindness and acceptance. Allow yourself the opportunity to change your perspective in the way you view the difficult aspects of your situation. Or your day. Or your life. Starting with your practice...every pose that doesn’t come easy to you...that’s where it starts. All the lessons are waiting for you to unlock them. Step through the door and watch yourself grow.
My classes this week at Twisted Yoga...
✨T U E S D A Y
10am | Hot Power Flow
5.45pm | Hot Yoga (subbing for Paula)
✨W E D N E S D A Y
11am | Hot Stretch & Flow
6pm | Hot Yoga
✨T H U R S D A Y
10am | Hot Yoga Flow
✨F R I D A Y
7.15pm | Hot Candlelit Flow
✨S A T U R D A Y
9.30am | Hot Yoga Sculpt
Hope to see you soon! Loving you💖😊🙏🏻
#urdvhadhanurasana #changeyourperspective #dailypractice #health #hotyogabarnet #igyoga #igyogafamily #instayoga #livetrue #loveyoga #londonyoga #loveyourbody #promiseyourself #showup #ukyogis #ukyoga #yoga #yogauk #yogaeverydamnday #yourbodydeservesmore #yogalondon #fitfam #fitness #yogaaddict #practiceandalliscoming #vinyasa
@twisted_hot_yoga @yogaleggs @paulawadeyoga 💋
User Image pureyogaofficial Posted: Feb 20, 2018 4:00 AM (UTC)

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CNY Day 5 – Tiger -- Tips from Pure Yoga Teacher Bianca
Tiger Pose mimics how a tiger stretches when it wakes up – an entire front body move that helps to improve overall agility, so you can leap and bound with your inner tiger! 🐯
For a deeper understanding of the Tiger Pose, check out this tutorial video:

Sign up now on and watch all videos for free!
User Image biggie_shawty Posted: Feb 20, 2018 3:57 AM (UTC)

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Stay blessed, stay humble 🙏🏽
User Image Posted: Feb 20, 2018 3:57 AM (UTC)

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Join us ➡️ February 19-28 ⬅️ for a challenge focusing on strengthening our legs and glutes 🍑 through squats and lunges! .
✨Generous Sponsors:
List of poses:
Day 1: High lunge
Day 2. Low lunge
Day 3. Chair
Day 4. Goddess
Day 5. Side lunge
Day 6. Twisted chair
Day 7. Revolved side angle pose
Day 8. One legged chair pose
Day 9. Pistol squat
Day 10. Warrior of choice

1️⃣Repost this flyer and tag some friends to join you.
2️⃣Follow all hosts and all sponsors & tag them in all of your posts.
3️⃣Make sure your profile is public so we can see your posts.
4️⃣Use the hashtag #MightyLungesAndSquats in all your posts!
5️⃣ Have fun and share some love on the posts of your hosts, sponsors and other participants. ☺️
#yogafit #yogalifestyle #yogaplay #yogapose #yogaprogress #yogainspiration #strongnotskinny #yogastrong #happyyogi #happyyoga #yogaheart #yogafam #yogaforlife #yogadaily #yogasoul #yogaaddict #yogachallenge
User Image yogawithlinatarigan Posted: Feb 20, 2018 3:57 AM (UTC)
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Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that we’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing our emotions is a sign of inner strength which is not physical strength only❤
#sideplank #vasisthasana #armstrength #corestrength #powerhouse #sideways #yogainspiration #armbalance #headstand #yoga #yogaeveryday #yogseverydamnday #yogagirls #yogawithlinatarigan #happiness #gratitude #life #lifelesson #yogaeverywhere #fit #healthylifestyle #yogacirebon #yogashala #asana #asthanga #yogaaddict #heart #love
#Repost @gwtrucks with @get_repost
🧠 NEW CHALLENGE 🧠 starting on February 21st! Open to all levels!
After practicing yoga for a while, everyone notices that yoga has changed something… not only your awareness and your way of thinking but also how you perceive and move your body, and how you breathe. Not only your body changes, but also your brain does.
➡️ In this challenge we want to focus on how our yoga practice changes our brain. 🧠 Come and join us to explore the mystery of the effectiveness of yoga with us! Let’s dive deeper to build a better understanding about ourselves and let’s have some fun!
Here are our topics:
1️⃣ Mindfulness : Choose a pose that is easy enough for you so you can fully focus on observing your thoughts.
2️⃣ Body perception: Choose a pose where you need to focus on many parts of your body at the same time.
3️⃣ Body Learning: Choose a pose that made you learn something new about your body.
4️⃣ Breathing: Choose a pose that makes you aware of breath or where you can freely breathe and focus on observing your breath.
5️⃣ Emotions: Choose a pose that brings you intense emotions and observe them.
6️⃣ Smiling: Choose a pose that makes you smile.
7️⃣ Behavioral Learning: Choose a pose that made you learn a new combination of movements or a new pattern of thoughts.
8️⃣ Gratefulness: Choose a pose of your choice and practice gratefulness.
How to join and win one of our 8 amazing prizes:
👉 Follow all hosts and sponsors.
👉 Repost this poster along with the hashtag #TheYogaBrain and tag 3 friends to help us spread the word.
👉 Post a picture for all of the 8 topics mentioned above.
👉 Tag all hosts and sponsors in each post.
👉 Be sure your profile is set to public, have fun and stay safe!

🧠 Your hosts with a (neuro-)scientific background:

🎁 Your generous sponsors:
@chattrayoga (European reseller of Chattra)

#igyogachallenge #yogachallenge #igyoga #yogainspiration #bodyawareness #igyogacommunity #yogapose #yogaeverydamnday #februarychallenge #yogaaddict #yogalife #yoga

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