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🎶 YES I AM 🎵 featured on #LIFEChanges: Deluxe Edition. The sophomore CD📀project that continues my journey of personal growth as a daughter of Christ, woman of God, singer and songwriter. The collection of songs balanced equally between the spiritual fervor of traditional gospel, smooth rhythms of urban R&B, upbeat praise reports, light sounds of contemporary Christian and worship ballads offers something to all listeners.
.DOWNLOAD "L.I.F.E. Changes: Deluxe Edition
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OMG !! I LITERALLY HAVE TO PACK MY BAG ... okay it can wait til tonight but like I just remembered 😂
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It felt pretty sweet to receive this from sunscribers after being in the emergency room. I am recovering. I think positively. I don’t feel good to inform social media of this but I feel that I should. It’s been very tough weeks. I feel very small and helpless when I feel weak like this. I am used to being on top, to feel like a walking relaxed meditation or a positive effective affirmation. 😄 But I think positively. I will recover. Of course. Guys, let us all think positively. It made me feel happier to see these messages, though. It hit me, like, wow, people like what I do! 🙏🏻 You know what, it’s funny because I never knew I’d be known for my voice. I always wanted to have a podcast or a radio show; extremely passionate about this. But I guess I secretly pretend my YouTube is my podcast. You know what? I am so grateful and fascinated that I am reaching 30K Sunscribers on YouTube soon. This is amazing! ❤️But I feel a little bad when I don’t get to answer all the hundreds of lovely messages a day. I do care and I appreciate your time, please know that. The fact you reached out and wrote is so beautiful. I feel appreciative. Thank you! By the way, my new video will have to wait until I can speak properly, I don’t have the energy to read all that text. Because I want to be focued and into it. Writing is wonderful though. But damn it, the video will come. It’s on my Final cut pro waiting. The moment I feel I can do it, I’m on it. Soon. And I will feel so, so, so happy! Oh and thanks for all the love about my iPhone apps but apparently there has been an issue since the iPhone update, must figure that out...The apps works on Android though. I’ll ask a smarty pants. I am just the voice... But how sweet it feels and how cool to babble away. Those that know me be like ”Shut up!” when I babble! Ha-ha! ”But wait, I have more to say... Yesterday I saw this movie... Oh, and there was this chocolate I ate, so good! Let me tell you about my dream from last night” 😂😄☀️#appreciative #yesIam
Ancora prima di iniziare,
prima di ogni altra cosa Si, Io Sono. Nel silenzio di una chiassosa solitudine mi cerco,
mi confronto con la mia indole,
mi immergo giù in profondità
fin dove pare la mia essenza. Nonostante tutte le parti che, ahimè, sono chiamata a recitare nel concitato calpestio di questa vita, YES, I AM. Do forma alle emozioni, colore agli stati d’animo, così esprimo fiera tutta me stessa nel palmo della mano:
nasce YES, I AM, l’innovativo HandWel!
D'anna store gioiellerie rivenditore autorizzato #YesIAm 🖐
#Happy moments with @yesiam_bijoux #handwel con il codice "YESIAM20" avrete lo sconto del 20% su questo bracciale davvero particolare che si indossa come un anello ❤
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「ほっぺ 可愛いま(?)しょう」ㅋㅋㅋ볼 귀여워 임미카~? #나로말할것같으면 #퍼플파티 #도쿄 #마마무 #mamamoo #purpleparty #yesiam 아 앞에 장신크리너무심했음 ㅠ #덕질
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